client, Beijing, March 22 (Reporter Shangguanyun) Cosmetic counters can be seen everywhere, and beauty and weight-loss strategies are constantly pushed on the Internet... Nowadays, people want to make themselves beautiful and have more ways.

  There is no problem in pursuing beauty. The problem is that the definition of aesthetics seems to be singularized.

Under the influence of various factors, beauty gradually has a standard: slap face, A4 waist... Compared with themselves, women can easily find their so-called "shortcomings" and fall into facial anxiety.

  There is a view that the simplification of aesthetics is actually the continuous objectification of people and the streamlined pursuit of perfection.

Behind the appearance anxiety is the lack of self-acceptance, and some merchants’ marketing hints also add to the flames, and so on.

Because of being fat, will you feel inferior?

  Recently, "How bad is the world against fat girls" has been on the hot search.

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  Someone shared their own story on the Internet: I was fat when I was adolescent, even 190 pounds, but the height was only 170 cm.

Because of obesity, the group photos taken with her playmates will be deleted by her.

  When she finally loses weight, some people will suspect that her weight loss success is "taking medicine" or "hunting food", so "rebound as soon as she eats". In order to break the rumors, she desperately stuffs food at every family gathering, but some people start to say She "induced vomiting."

  This story resonated with many people and discussed about "appearance anxiety".

Some people say that they often feel inferior because of being fat, and they always feel that their appearance is inferior to others. They look at the bright stars on the screen, and even want to have a facelift.

  In order to keep in shape, some girls’ weight loss recipes are almost harsh: breakfast only has a bowl of white porridge; lunch has a bowl of noodles with a few cooked broccoli; dinner does not eat the staple food, it is really hungry to eat a cucumber or a tomato .

  “It’s okay to pursue beauty, and being active and healthy is also a manifestation of a good life. However, ways to damage physical and mental health should be avoided. After all, some are irreversible, and there is no regret about taking medicine.” Jin Xiaoyan, a national second-level psychological counselor, accepted reporter Said in the interview.

Trapped in "appearance anxiety"

  From the surrounding environment to social networks, topics such as weight loss and beauty can be seen almost at any time, and the cognition that “face value is justice” may also contribute to facial anxiety.

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  Some media once launched a questionnaire survey on 2063 college students on the topic of facial anxiety. The results showed that 59.03% of colleges survived with a certain degree of facial anxiety.

Among them, girls (59.67%) have a higher proportion of moderate anxiety than boys (37.14%).

  Some experts said that psychological research has found that women have more serious facial anxiety than men.

At the same time, facial anxiety presents a certain degree of age structure stratification.

  "I originally wanted to check things online, but I received a bunch of skin care articles pushed by social platforms, but they couldn't be blocked." Apple mother found that some articles would use female celebrities' "right-angled shoulders" and "chopstick legs" as excuses. , The whole article talks about beauty.

  Slowly, she fell into a deep facial anxiety, "Especially after the age of thirty, she can see fine lines in the mirror, her smile is slightly bigger, and the folds on her face are too many to look directly at her. Send the child to kindergarten and see goodbye. The parents are young and beautiful, and they are very inferior."

  "It's not just my own inner role. Many of my friends around me are discussing skin care topics." She couldn't help but follow the trend to get face-lift injections and do water-light wrinkles. "Who would refuse to be younger and better-looking? "

  Jin Xiaoyan found from a number of psychological counseling cases that, in the general impression of people, good looks tend to be more dominant when they have similar academic qualifications when applying for a job.

In the "information explosion" era, personal judgments of appearance are also more susceptible to the influence of the external environment.

Single aesthetic

  Behind the various expressions of "appearance anxiety" is actually a homogenized aesthetic.

  Open some social apps, all kinds of texts or videos sharing "beauty secrets" come to your face. They are intertwined with the ubiquitous beauty live broadcast, creating a flat appearance measurement standard: A4 waist, big eyes , Bird legs...

  There is no objective standard for aesthetics itself, and it is also highly susceptible to subjective factors.

There is a view that the spread of facial anxiety lies in the control of the tradition and capital of the public's aesthetics, so that the subjectivity of aesthetics gradually shifts to the universal objective, forming a tendency toward a single aesthetic stereotype.

Data map: The doctor is depilating his arm.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Zhang Daozheng

  The media once disclosed that "face value" is becoming a business.

A report shows that many professionals put out more than 20% of their salary every month for “value input”.

  With the development of consumerism, "remodeling" one's appearance may even become a highly respected attitude to life.

Jin Xiaoyan analyzed that some businesses bundle beauty with personal qualities, such as "fat is not self-discipline". This kind of marketing hints exaggerates the impact of appearance on social and work, and is more likely to cause facial anxiety.

  "In the past, the symbol of wealth might have been what you drove and what bag, now where are you beautifying? Which dietitian helped you adjust your body management? Appearance seems to be a symbol of social status, wealth and self-management." she says.

Beauty should not be one side of a thousand people

  From another perspective, the cause of facial anxiety is not self-confidence.

In addition to affirming oneself, the essence of self-confidence is to accept oneself, and to pursue beauty, there is no need to "one thousand people".

  "Actually, the difference in appearance of each person is exactly a manifestation of self. Because each person is a unique existence, the so-called shortcomings defined by the social context may be lovely characteristics in the eyes of yourself and those who love you." Jin Xiaoyan explained.

  The first impression is important, but what you look at at work is professional ability, and what you look at in interpersonal relationships is character and getting along.

Perhaps the advantage of appearance can bring halo effect at the beginning, beautified by the ideal of the opponent, but when the aura fades, it may cause a huge gap.

Data map: The picture shows a customer buying cosmetics at a duty-free shop in Haikou City.

Photo by Luo Yunfei

  Zhang Kaili, a national first-class actor of the National Theater of China, once said that beauty is a person's lifelong pursuit.

The beauty of a person is definitely not only the external beauty, but more importantly, the inside.

"It is what we should do to deal with the ever-changing beauty of the outside world with the unchanging beauty of the heart."

  "It is difficult for a person who does not appreciate himself to be happy." Refusing the pathological pursuit of beauty, maintaining good health, and facing others calmly, perhaps this is an elegant way of life.