Although Henk Poort won a singing competition in 1988, he thinks he would not have been successful if he had participated in a talent show earlier in his career.

That tells the opera and musical singer in

De Telegraaf


"I sometimes wonder if I would ever have come this far in my profession if I had participated in a talent show like

We Want More

in 'my time',

" said Poort


"I don't think I would have come out as the winner."

Poort is a jury member with fellow singers Trijntje Oosterhuis and André Hazes in

We Want More

, which started a second season last week.

"It amazes me how high the singing level is in the Netherlands", he says about the talent show.

In 1988, at the age of 32, Poort won the first edition of the Cristina Deutekom Competition, a biennial singing competition for young singing talents.

The prize is named after the Dutch opera singer Cristina Deutekom (1931-2014).