For the first time, the Dutch Literature Prize has been won by a Surinamese author, the Taalunie reports, which is funding the corresponding forty thousand euros.

The Prijs der Nederlandse Letteren is the most prestigious literary prize in the Dutch language area and distinguishes authors from important literary works originally written in Dutch.

The prize is awarded once every three years to an author whose oeuvre occupies an important place in Dutch literature.

"With her novels, plays and poems, Astrid H. Roemer occupies a unique position in the Dutch-language literary landscape", can be read in the jury report of the prize awarded every three years.

"Her work is unconventional, poetic and lived."

"Roemer succeeds in connecting themes from recent major history, such as corruption, tension, debt, colonization and decolonization, with the small history, the story on a human scale."

The highlight of the oeuvre of the 73-year-old Roemer, born in Paramaribo, is the trilogy consisting of the books

Daredevil life


Lijken op Liefde

(1997) and

Was signed


In 2016, the author received the PC Hooft Prize for her entire oeuvre.

The Prize of Dutch Literature is awarded alternately by the Dutch and the Belgian King.

In October 2021, King Philippe will hand over the prize to Astrid H. Roemer in Brussels, if the current corona measures permit.

In 1956 the Flemish writer Herman Teirlinck received the first Prize of Dutch Literature.

In 2018 the prize went to the Dutch poet and writer Judith Herzberg.

Astrid H. Roemer wins the Dutch Literature Prize.

Flemish Prime Minister and Minister of Culture @JanJambon announced this on behalf of the Committee of Ministers of the Language Union.

She is the first author from Suriname to be awarded the Prize of Dutch Literature.


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