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On Thursday, Bloomberg claimed in an article that Kanye West's fortune had jumped to a staggering $ 6.6 billion.

An increase which would be due to the excellent health of its Yeezy brand, boosted by a recent partnership with GAP whose first collection is due out this summer.

As such, the publication expects a value of $ 4.7 billion for the artist's firm.

At the same time, the rapper would benefit from $ 1.7 billion corresponding to his investment in the Skims brand of his soon-to-be ex-wife Kim Kardashian.

To which should be added $ 122 million in shares and cash, as well as $ 110 million corresponding to its musical catalog.

By following these estimates and calculations, Kanye West is indeed the richest African-American, ahead of Oprah Winfrey ($ 2.7 billion), Michael Jordan ($ 1.6 billion).



questions the method of its competitor.

Not so fast

Indeed, an article of the specialized publication published in the wake tends to strongly qualify the claims about the fortune of Kanye West, for the simple reason that they are estimates.

Indeed, Bloomberg based its calculations on forecasts published by UBS concerning the growth of Yeezy.

However, it is currently impossible to quantify the future growth that the brand will experience thanks to the deal agreed with GAP.

Our file on Kanye West

If we stick to the figures cautiously put forward by


, Kanye West's fortune would rather be around $ 2 billion, which is already substantial.

Note that this is not the first time that

Forbes has

revised down the fortune of the rapper, who was then angry and ended up insulting the editor and then broadcast his contact details on Twitter.

Kanye West had his account blocked by the social network as a result.


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