Since infection with the new coronavirus may cause symptoms that make it difficult to smell from an early stage, groups such as Juntendo University have developed a test kit that can easily determine whether or not the sense of smell is normal.

This was announced by a group such as Professor Katsuhisa Ikeda of Juntendo University School of Medicine.

According to the group, overseas studies have reported that more than 80% of people infected with the new coronavirus have some kind of olfactory abnormality, but if it is very mild, it is often not noticed by oneself.

The developed test kit contains a fragrance such as green apple or caramel that does not easily cause a confusing reaction with a scent sensation such as a tingling stimulus, and is adjusted to a concentration that can be barely perceived by a person with a normal sense of smell. It means that it is.

A group survey found that people over the age of 50 were less likely to smell, so the test kits are also divided into those under the age of 50 and those over the age of 50.

According to the group, the new coronavirus may cause olfactory abnormalities even in the very early stages when there are no symptoms such as fever or the test is not positive.

Professor Ikeda said, "Smell disorder is a characteristic symptom of the new corona, but there have been few methods for the general public to objectively investigate it. It should be useful for early detection of infection." It was.