Three years ago, the prosecutor's office appealed the sentence of life imprisonment sentenced to a former SDF officer for killing a police officer and then shooting a nearby guard with a pistol at a police station in Toyama City.

In June 2018, former SDF officer Keidai Shimazu (24) stabbed Kenichi Inaizumi (46), who was an assistant police officer at the time, with a knife and killed him at a police station in Toyama City, and robbed him of his pistol. Shinichi Nakamura (68), a guard in front of the elementary school gate, was accused of murder-robbery and murder for shooting and killing him with his pistol.

Defendant Shimazu was consistently silent in the trial, and the prosecution sought the death penalty, while the Toyama District Court said on the 5th of this month that he could not rule out the possibility that he would take a pistol after killing a police officer. He sentenced him to life imprisonment, saying that he was guilty of murder and theft instead of murder, and that he was "not well-planned and that it was unavoidable to choose the death penalty."

The prosecution appealed this ruling to the Kanazawa branch of the Nagoya High Court on the 18th.

The reason for the appeal seems to be that the first instance did not plead guilty to the robbery and murder, and that he was dissatisfied with the weight of the sentence.

Defendant Shimazu himself has also appealed this ruling on the 16th.