The municipality of Eindhoven, the judiciary and police were well prepared for disturbances that took place during the curfews on Sunday, January 24.

But nobody could have foreseen that the violence would get so out of hand, according to a report by the COT, the Institute for Security and Crisis Management on Thursday.

Initially, the atmosphere during the unannounced demonstration on the 18 Septemberplein was pleasant and even the 1.5 meter rule was observed.

But in a short time the atmosphere changed and it became more grim and busier.

There was coordination.

Several groups of rioters came to the square at the same time.

"The images show a versatile group of different ages and with different intentions," the COT notes in the report published Thursday.

Subsequently, the police proved unable to cope with the rioters, partly because the water cannon was sabotaged and temporarily failed and because the square was too slippery for the horses.

As a result, the mobile unit had to stop and wait for help from other units.

The rioters were driven from the square towards the station, where they subsequently wreaked havoc, started fires and looted the Jumbo.

The riots overtook the employees of the NS and ProRail, because the municipality and the police had not contacted them in time.

'Frightened' that violence could not be prevented

Although the COT notes that the authorities had prepared well and did what they had to do, mayor John Jorritsma (VVD) calls it "bitter" that the explosion of violence could not be prevented.

"Sunday, January 24, 2021 will remain a pitch-black day for Eindhoven. A positive judgment in the research report does not change that," said the mayor.

Of the approximately seventy suspects arrested, nineteen are from Eindhoven.

The majority come from surrounding municipalities, but people have also been arrested from Nieuwegein, Cadier en Keer, Grave, Delft, Hoevelaken, Purmerend, Zeewolde and Weert.

The youngest suspect is 14 years old and the oldest 56 years old.

The majority are between 18 and 28 years old, 97 percent are men.