EXID Solji, a group that wrote the myth of'up and down' in 2015, gave meaningful advice as a'reverse driving senior' to Brave Girls, who are receiving hot attention with'Rolin' recently.

Today (17th) Solji appeared as a special DJ on SBS Power FM'Dousi Escape Cult To Show'.

During the broadcast that day, when another famous song'High Heels' by Brave Girls was selected, Solji first mentioned Brave Girls' reverse running, saying, "Korea is in a riot with Brave Girls. It looks so good."

Solji then recalled EXID's'up and down' driving backwards and said, "It's not like men's affairs. At the time, we also thought,'Why are we?', but the Brave Girls seems to be like that'. DJ Kim Tae-gyun said, "Last week Brave Girls went back and forth as a guest. The fisheye still seemed stupid," he asked for advice from Solji.

Then, Solji frankly advised, "You have to enjoy popularity," and emphasized physical fitness management, saying, "If there is something on the fly and then suddenly comes, your condition runs out. You need to take good care of your health to show you a good stage." "You must have done a lot of hard work, but I feel like you're getting rewarded. I hope you can show better performances by taking good care of your health."

EXID, to which Solji belongs, became a hot topic in 2015 with a stage video taken by a fan himself, gained popularity belatedly, and succeeded in successive songs to be released afterwards.

Since then,'Jikcam', which allowed EXID to leap again, has become one culture, and'Jiccam' for each member has been released on the official YouTube channels of all music broadcasters.

Brave Girls, who is writing a new history of reverse driving after EXID, gained popularity in the comment collection video of'Rolin', aka'Millboard No. 1', and ranked No. 1 on the music chart, followed by a music broadcast after 1,854 days of song release. It took first place.

In an interview, the Brave Girls members expressed their gratitude to the soldiers, saying, "I will devote myself to the consolation performance until you call it in the future."

(Photo = SBS Dusi Escape Cult To Show Instagram,'EXID' YouTube, Brave Entertainment)

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