Brave Girls, a group that stands tall as an icon of reverse driving, won the No. 1 trophy in music broadcasting with'Rolin', which was released four years ago.

In SBS'Inkigayo', which aired yesterday (14th), Brave Girls beat SHINee and ATEEZ and took first place after 1,854 days of song release.

Brave Girls, who was called No. 1, said, "I thought I would never be able to stand on the stage again. I sincerely thank the brave brothers and representatives who believed and waited until the end when everyone said no."

In addition, he also attracted attention by saying, "I want to thank all the fans, army soldiers, reservists, and civil defense people," who gave me the greatest power of running backwards.

Netizens also applauded the myth of Brave Girls' running backwards in four years, while the brave brothers, the president of the management company, paid attention to the pledge of number one in the past.

On the 9th, in an interview with the YouTube channel'Entertainment Genius', Brave Girls said, "Before, the boss said that if the boss ranks first, he will buy you a luxury bag. You have to keep the words you spit out, the boss," and carefully mentioned the pledge of number 1.

Netizens who remembered this went to the social media of their brave brothers and said, "So what about a luxury bag?"

Congratulations are being made with pleasant comments such as "Give me a gift in a hot bag" and "I'll go to a luxury store right now", and then "Thank you for trusting in Brave Girls", "It's a gift we will not forget", "The next album is also Thank you."

Brave Girls''Rolin', which was released in 2017, recently topped the music chart and wrote the myth of running backwards as the video of the consolation performance of the military unit recently posted on YouTube became a hot topic.

The public responded by saying, "Teams with accumulated prowess are a group that has set a good precedent for seeing the light someday."

(Photo = YouTube'SvKpop','Entertainment Genius', Brave Girls, Brave Brothers Instagram)

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