"Telework" is recommended as a countermeasure against infection in the workplace and has spread to companies.

However, there have been a series of consultations from temporary staff saying "I can't telework" to the labor union, and in some cases it may lead to labor troubles.

The labor union "Comprehensive Support Union" in Tokyo received 33 consultations regarding telework from temporary staff within a month from January 7, when the second state of emergency was declared.

There are many consultations that dispatched employees are not allowed to telework, such as "Teleworking is not permitted because it is dispatched, and it will be an unpaid vacation" or "Dispatching will not shorten the time. I feel discrimination". is.

Kazuyoshi Ikeda, a general support union who is consulted, says, "Because companies first try to protect directly hired employees, I feel that temporary employees are being put off."

There have been cases of trouble between temporary staff and the company to which they are dispatched over telework, leading to trials.

A woman in her 40s in Tokyo requested teleworking from the company she was dispatched to when she declared a state of emergency last spring, but three temporary employees in the same department were not allowed.

The woman said, "I've asked many times to speed up teleworking. I didn't think I would be discriminated against against infections, and I was very scared and unconvinced."

On the other hand, an officer of the dispatched company told NHK that "It is not that we did not let telework because we are temporary employees, it is difficult to take measures against information leakage, and it costs a lot of money. At that time, we couldn't handle it. From this month, some temporary employees can also telework. "

In March, a woman who was a temporary worker filed a complaint with the Tokyo District Court, alleging that she was hired after trouble.

Regarding troubles related to telework, Yohei Tsunemi, an associate professor at Chiba University of Commerce who is familiar with labor issues, said, "The work site was confused by the new corona shock. It may have been difficult for the company to make a decision. Unless there is a reasonable reason, it is important to eliminate the distinction between temporary employees and full-time employees. "

Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare Do not divide by employment type

The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare states that teleworking targets should not be divided because of differences in employment patterns such as full-time employees and temporary employees.

The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare is requesting temporary staffing companies and economic organizations to include temporary staff as well.

In December of last year, a study group made up of experts established by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare compiled a report, and since the implementation rate of teleworking for non-regular employees is lower than that for regular employees, the reason is only the difference in employment form. He points out that care must be taken not to divide the target audience for telework.