In the cinema program of Europe 1, "CLAP!", A guest takes part every week a cinema questionnaire on the films of his life.

On Saturday, actor François Berléand answered questions from Mathieu Charrier about his memorable feature films, from his first real memory on the big screen to his favorite soundtrack.

Every Saturday for an hour in 


, the cinema specialist of Europe 1, Mathieu Charrier, takes a tour of the news of the seventh art.

Each week, a guest, whether or not from the world of cinema, submits to a personal questionnaire on the films of his life.

Saturday, it is the actor François Berléand who plunged into his cinephile memories, marked by John Wayne, Bill Murray or even Brigitte Bardot on the haunting music of Georges Delerue. 

What is your first memory of cinema?

It was


, a movie starring John Wayne in the 1960s. I must have been 8 years old and I went to see it with my dad.

It was the big exit, we went there by metro, on the Grands Boulevards, in a cinema that has since become a Joué Club.

At the time, I didn't think about being an actor yet. 

Your best memory in theaters?


I remember the intermission because there was Miko ice cream which had distributed free chocolates and eskimos.

It was an orgy, I remember it perfectly. 

The movie that you love but are ashamed to confess?

The mouth of the other

, by Pierre Tchernia.

At the same time, I don't see why I should be ashamed.

Yes, a little, because it's a funny film to watch in the twenty-fifth degree, if you watch it in the first degree it's a bit stupid.

It was with Michel Serrault, my absolute idol, and Jean Poiret.

For me, it's a bedside movie.

It was even offered to me on DVD to satisfy my passion for Michel Serrault.

A dialogue that you know by heart?


The Big Families

, there is a scene between Jean Gabin and Pierre Brasseur and the second says to the first: 'Ten couples at your place, it's a reception, at my place, it's an orgy.

And the next day if we have buttons you it's the lobster, me it's the pox. '

Which movie would you recommend to your best friend? 

One endless day.

It's a film that I really like and Bill Murray is dazzling.

In general, I like films with him a lot.

There is also Lost in translation which I really like.

He's my favorite American actor.

The movie you would have liked to see in the cinema

It's difficult to answer this question because I'm really a big cinema lover so all the films I wanted to see, I saw them on the big screen.


The Children of Heaven

, whom I only saw on television. 

The soundtrack that marked your life?

That of


, composed by Georges Delerue.

The music is so amazing, it's loud.

Obviously the one that marked my life is that of the


 [film in which François Berléand plays, editor's note] but I couldn't stand it anymore as it was sung to me as soon as I arrived.

That of


is so magnificent ...