(Economic Observation) China's real estate industry is seeking a "second drive" for development under policy control

  China News Online, March 11 (Gao Zhimiao) For Chinese real estate companies, the dividend period of market increment obtained by relying solely on real estate development has passed. How to innovate service models and how to cross-border real estate has become the industry's transformation and development Important trends.

China Europe International Business School Real Estate Service Forum: New Real Estate and New Services was held in Shanghai on the 10th. The forum focused on real estate services and discussed how real estate companies can improve their service capabilities.

  "Policy formulation is inseparable from the actual market environment, and the problems reflected in the policy are actual market issues. From some new changes in my country's real estate policy, it can be seen that my country's real estate market is indeed gradually entering a new stage." China Europe International Business School Said Sheng Songcheng, Professor of Economics and Finance and Counselor of Shanghai Municipal People's Government.

  As one of the pillar industries of China's economy, the real estate industry occupies an important position in investment, consumption and economic output, and has made a significant contribution to China's economic growth.

Sheng Songcheng said that the current structural characteristics of China's real estate mainly have two aspects, namely, the increasing differentiation of housing prices in the same city and the changes in the housing demand side structure.

  In Sheng Songcheng’s view, the current real estate regulation policies such as purchase restrictions and loan restrictions represented by first-tier cities are still demand-side regulation. In the context of market differentiation, under the background of classified policies and city-specific policies, China’s real estate regulation needs to focus on supply and The combination of demand, long-term regulation and short-term regulation should handle the relationship between the real estate market and economic development.

  Sun Yigong, chairman of Tongce Real Estate Consulting Co., Ltd., also said that the real estate industry is an important part of China's economy, and its development characteristics are closely related to the stage of China's economic development.

The current situation of China's economic development has shown an improvement from "quantity to quality". Therefore, the contradictions that the real estate industry needs to resolve and the main ways of participating in the economy have obviously changed.

  In the new era, the real estate industry is seeking a "second drive" for development.

Sun Yigong said that the adaptability of the simple and rude "cover+sell" model has become lower and lower, and most developers have begun to focus on the upstream and downstream of the extension of the industrial chain, gradually thinking about which links can develop into the secondary growth of the industry and the company. Secondary power.

"Development capability is the foundation, operation capability is the core, and financial capability is the driving engine for improving efficiency."

  Chen Dongbiao, executive director and CEO of CIFI Holding Group, also believes that the current real estate market has entered a new stage of "increment + stock". How can real estate developers explore the new model of "holding + operation" and adapt to the new "technology + real estate" Species, he gave the "Xuhui Answer".

"In recent years, CIFI has accelerated the promotion of digital transformation, built a real estate ecosystem, and provided customers with full life cycle service care, with remarkable results."

  In the view of Yang Kan, vice president of Gemdale Group and chairman of Gemdale East China Real Estate Company, the scale and profitability of the real estate industry no longer rely solely on the development of the main business, but more importantly, businesses with solid content are needed to bring value.

In the new consumer era of mobile Internet, consumer demand should be more "people-oriented", among which community business may become the true king of value-added services.

Community business can be combined with life services, home care, parent-child entertainment and other aspects to become a local life service platform of "comprehensive consumption + experience service".

  Sheng Songcheng emphasized that the change of market situation will inevitably lead to the transformation of the development direction of real estate enterprises. The previous high-growth incremental market environment no longer exists.

"We have three development suggestions for real estate companies: adjust development strategies and take a diversified development path. Focus on the integration of housing, assets, demand and industrial chain, strengthen services, focus on operations, make up for shortcomings, and expand space; Set out, step by step to expand the scope of business and achieve diversified operations. Improve operational capabilities, strengthen resource integration, explore financial support, and strengthen related research." (End)