The second vaccination of the new coronavirus vaccine for medical professionals began on the 11th in Tokyo.

Vaccines developed by American pharmaceutical giant Pfizer and others have been inoculated to medical professionals at medical institutions all over the country since 17th last month.

Of these, at the Tokyo Medical Center of the National Hospital Organization in Meguro-ku, Tokyo, the second vaccination began on the 11th, which is about three weeks after the start of vaccination.

After receiving the vaccination, doctors and nurses waited for more than 15 minutes at the prepared place to observe whether there was any change in their physical condition.

According to the hospital, by the 10th, about 800 health care workers had been vaccinated and had no serious allergic symptoms called "anaphylaxis."

The female nurse who received the vaccination said, "In the first vaccination, I had a fever in the evening of the next day in addition to shoulder pain, but after taking an antipyretic, I calmed down in the morning. You can feel more at ease with it. "

In addition, Dr. Kazuhiro Araki said, "I am relieved that the second vaccination has started, and I hope that the vaccination will proceed smoothly as it is. By the time the second vaccination is effective, I will feel more relieved. I think I will be able to work. "

According to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, 148,915 medical workers were vaccinated in Japan by 5 pm on the 10th, of which 35 had completed the second vaccination.

In addition, anaphylaxis was reported in 25 people, and all of them are recovering or their symptoms are improving, so the expert group of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare is planning to verify the causal relationship on the 12th.