"That's it, Mark, you strive to offend."

Moreover, recently this occupation of Mark Zuckerberg has become permanent.

The last case is the blocking of Facebook materials with a link to Kommersant.

As well as similar materials with reference to Vedomosti, RBK and TASS.

These various media outlets, of which at least RBC and Kommersant are very difficult to classify as violently pro-government, were guilty before Zuckerberg in that, with reference to official materials from the Public Relations Center (DSP) of the FSB, they published notes about the detention of supporters of the Ukrainian youth in Voronezh. of the radical group "Maniacs.

The Cult of Assassins ”(MKU).

That is, within the framework of the previous requirements for journalistic publications, the ass was covered by 150%.

If Zuckerberg - and anyone else - is dissatisfied with the material about Voronezh (although, in fact, what does his company care about Voronezh?), He should turn to the primary source with all his questions.

That is, to the FSB.

The organization is quite official.

However, Zuckerberg preferred, without any questions or requests, to block so reliably seemingly covered journalistic materials, since the Ukrainian NGO StopFake, which cooperates with Facebook, stated that the defendants in the case were members of a Russian, not Ukrainian, nationalist organization and had nothing to do with Ukraine.

Maybe they didn't, maybe they did.

But here the prioritization is interesting: the Ukrainian NPO is considered infallible ahead of time - in contrast to the DSP of the FSB, which, on the contrary, is considered by default to be a distributor of fake news. 

Although Zuckerberg generally has a specific attitude towards official services, and not only Russian ones.

During the recent litigation with Australia - this is an Anglo-Saxon country completely alien to slavery and totalitarianism - Facebook temporarily blocked not even the DSP of the Australian security officers, but the official pages of the local Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Emergencies.

During an epidemic, there is no need to read the reports of the Ministry of Health.

And Facebook's vice president of global communications, Nick Clegg, said the decision to remove Australian media publications "was not easy, but legally necessary."

So get ready for the rest.

The fact that Zuckerberg finally lost the idea of ​​the boundaries of behavior did not become clear yesterday.

Maybe he has a severe course of decompression sickness.

Having taken off to the peaks, he ceased to understand what is possible and what is not.

Let us recall a similar disease that struck M.B.

Khodorkovsky ("What is beyond my control? As a certain demon, from now on I can rule the world") and brought him to the zugunder.

Maybe he understands everything, but he no longer has power over the higher authorities - let's remember how he sweated and trembled when he was proclaimed in the US Congress.

The question of who Zuckerberg is now - either the crazy ruler of the world, or the simple chairman of the Pound - is theoretically very interesting.

But in practice, another question is more important: what to do with the completely unbridled genius-benefactor, who is already running into rudeness, which is hard to say. 

Pious rules Roskomnadzor (and by the way, what else can it do?) Conducts educational work with Zuckerberg and other IT giants.

Without any success, however.

All this is described in the fable of Krylov's grandfather "The Cat and the Cook":

"He is a corruption, he is a plague, he is an ulcer of these places!"

(And Vaska listens, but eats.)

Here is my rhetorician, giving free rein to the flow,

I did not find an end to moralizing.

But what then?

While he sang it,

The cat-Vaska ate all the roast. "

In this connection, the crafty grandfather said the moral:

"And I would be a different chef

He ordered to hack to death on the wall:

So as not to waste speeches there,

Where you need to use power. " 

Here a dull objection is possible: “We have no methods against Kostya Saprykin.

Do not block the social network. "

But, firstly, if there are no methods, why then powerless teachings, from which Zuckerberg only becomes impudent?

Secondly, there are still methods.

The true belief of the IT giants is "Only that, they say, and really, that is sensitive for our backside."

The actual blocking of Facebook (or at least approaching it) is the only thing that can get through to Zuckerberg.

Sooner or later we will come to her.

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