• TV TVE uses a photo of Leonor and Sofía to illustrate the vaccination of the infantas Elena and Cristina in Abu Dhabi

  • TV TVE resolves the incident of the label on Princess Leonor with the dismissals of an external scriptwriter and a coordinator

The signs, and now also the questions, are bringing more than one headache to


in recent weeks.

Since that "the Infanta Leonor is leaving Spain, like her grandfather", the public channel has been chaining gaffes that have cost it not only having to apologize but also criticism from viewers.

The last one, this Tuesday afternoon in the

El Cazador


La 1


, at the cost of a question about

Pablo Casado

and the masters.

On this occasion, the controversial anecdote referred directly to the president of

the Popular Party

, Pablo Casado, since they have made reference

to his master's degree

, which a few years ago caused more than one headache to the 'popular' leader.

"If Pablo Casado has done 6 masters of 40 face-to-face hours and 20 online, what is the total number of hours he has done?"

, was one of the questions posed by El Cazador on Tuesday's program that caused the laughter of the contestants and the presenter and that, again, surprised viewers.

The question gave three answer options: "A: 240; B: 300; C: 360": Nothing else was said and there was no further comment, but the question

did not go unnoticed by the audience


"The ingenious questions of

El Cazador

. For Pablo Casado's master they ask but never about the thesis of Pedro Sánchez or the university of Íñigo Errejón or Pablo Iglesias. Indoctrination reaches contests and series", collects one of the many comments that he provoked the question in question.

The question was soon denounced, in addition, by one of the members of the public entity,

Carmen Sastre,

who will be part of the next Board of Directors: "Attention. Shameful. See the question they have asked in the


El Cazador


. Speaking of Pablo Casado's master's degree. It's intolerable. "

Faced with the commotion caused by the question in question, the program's Twitter account was quick to explain and apologize: "We regret having generated an unnecessary controversy with a question about

Pablo Casado

, which was intended to be humorous. This program is only looking for fun, but sometimes we make mistakes. We apologize for this mistake. "

A humorous question that has been added to the latest gaffes of the public entity.

After the label of Leonor and her grandfather, which led to the dismissal of the person responsible for said label, a few days later the use of the image of

Princess Leonor

and the

Infanta Sofía was added

to illustrate the news of the vaccination in Abu Dhabi of their aunts, Infanta Cristina and Infanta Elena.

Both times the public broadcaster had to quickly apologize.

A story that has been repeated, but this time without involving the

Royal House

, but the leader of the opposition.

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