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Google has just completed a path that began in 2013, when it began to establish itself as one of the most powerful and indispensable players in the

tourism industry


Then you couldn't buy tourist circuits or book hotel nights through the search engine.

Now yes.

The technology giant has announced that it will include


booking links

for hotels and travel agencies

around the world with the aim of collaborating in the recovery of the global tourism sector.

For years the company has helped users choose the


accommodation by

providing them with a list of relevant establishments, as well as reviews, photos and information about their facilities.



Hotel Ads,

Google provided links for hotel reservations with real-time price and availability information for the chosen dates.

Users found these links very useful and were viewed by hotels and agencies as a "valuable source of potential customers".

That is why they have now decided to improve their offer and, starting this week, hotels and travel agencies around the world will be able to appear for


in the booking links at google.com/travel.

"By being able to access a wider range of hotels and prices, users will have more alternatives to choose from when organizing their trips and wanting to book," says the company.

Interactive map with flights available on Google Travel.

Google ensures that for all hotels and travel agencies, "this change is a new free way to attract customers."

Over the next few months, the Internet giant will continue to improve the process of incorporating new establishments into Hotel Center and will launch tools that will allow each hotel to directly publish their rates and availability, "without complex technical requirements."


Last year Google launched a series of initiatives in Spain to support the recovery of the tourism sector including

Think Futurism with Google

, a Think Tank to diagnose the

main challenges

facing the industry and offer innovative solutions.

Among the most relevant conclusions were the emergence of a new consumer profile (the digital nomad), and a new trend of

inclusive tourism,

which encompasses those who seek quieter places close to nature.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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