miracles do not exist

(in the 'fitness', either).

As much as we want to believe it, you can't get a strong, flat belly in 15 days.

Neither by submitting



miracle diets

, nor by 'killing' ourselves in the gym for weeks and then leaving it, prey to frustration at not having reached the desired goals.


functional abdomen

with a

percentage of fat according to our characteristics

(age, sex, etc.) is the consequence of healthy lifestyle habits.

It is the result of a

balanced diet


well-planned physical activity

, both inside and outside the gym.

Beyond that recurring dream of scoring? Six pack?

(only available to a lucky few blessed by privileged genetics or an iron will), the really important thing is to get a good tone in our 'core'.

So that?

Easy, so that, in this way, that wonderful '

natural girdle

' that is our musculature can perform its double mission as a

guarantor of correct postural hygiene


support of the viscera



Designed to produce 100% abdominal activation in each session,


has become, since it was marketed almost two years ago, the best ally to be able to

strengthen our gut

together with plates (in all its varieties), the 'crunchs' of a lifetime, the hypopressives or the exercises with elastic bands.

"'Nucleus' bases its operation on the energy created by moving the liquid stored inside it. The

faster you move your 'nucleus', the more energy you will generate and the more muscular stress you will produce

", explains its inventor, the Spanish Diego Calvo.

Born in Ávila but living in Los Angeles (California) for years, Calvo has become one of the most sought-after personal trainers among actors, actresses, models and professional athletes who use his 'gadget' to sculpt his 'tablets'.

"The 'Nucleus' is used, basically, in

high intensity interval training

(HIIT), in which a series of exercises are combined to be performed for 15 seconds (plus 15 rest), at the beginner level, or 20 and 15 , in the advanced one for a maximum time of

12 or 14 minutes

, depending on the physical condition of each user ".

This device, which has already been incorporated into their physical preparation routines by football teams and professional athletes from different disciplines in the United States, is a true portable 'fat eater'.

"Each of the

70 movements

that we propose using it involves around

80% of the muscles of the entire body

, causing a beastly energy expenditure that fully activates our metabolism and, therefore, enhances the

burning of calories

both during and hours after finishing the session ", assures Calvo.

Where is the 'but'?

As in everything, before launching into the world of 'Nucleus', it is advisable to

consult a physical activity professional to guide

us on the convenience of its use in our particular case.

It is also essential to

learn the technique

to take full advantage of its benefits without harming ourselves and, as Diego Calvo himself reminds us, "

listen to our body


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