Romy Monteiro has been living much more consciously since she nearly got burned out years ago.

The actress wants to reflect on the things that make her happy, she says in an interview with

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"Suddenly I was doing a lot of things at the same time. I took on everything. I also presented. I had three busy jobs and I had only just started," says Monteiro about the time when she also played in the musical

The Bodyguard


"Everything happened to me then. Now I am older and I experience life more consciously. I make sure that I can now enjoy everything I do."

It was recently announced that Monteiro will play in the RTL 4 soap series

Good Times, Bad Times


That is why she put her musical career on the back burner.

"A musical is very time-consuming.

I feel like I have already reached my top


The Bodyguard

. I have won a Musical Award. There really has to be something very beautiful if I want to do that again."