Spend thousands of yuan to get a fitness year card, but put it in a drawer to "sleep"; finally, when I arrived at the gym, there were always people selling private lessons; I got the card in a small fitness studio, but one day the boss suddenly "ran off" …In recent years, Shanghai gyms have sprung up like mushrooms after the rain, but consumers have always encountered problems of this kind.

  However, recently, the newly emerging shared gym in Shanghai has been sought after by consumers because of the minimum 2 yuan and pay-per-use model.

  Shared fitness

  On January 1 this year, the shared gym on the M floor of the Putuo Gymnasium officially opened.

Every day, more and more citizens come here to exercise regularly.

  At the entrance of the gym, citizens only need to scan the QR code with their mobile phones to enter the WeChat applet, complete the registration recharge and pay the deposit, and then scan the code at the gate to enter. The fee will be automatically deducted from the mobile phone at the end of the exercise, and the deposit will be automatically deducted from the mobile phone at the end of the exercise. Return to the same route within 1-2 hours.

  On the sign, the reporter saw that the shared gym is 2 yuan per hour from 7 am to 10 am, 5 yuan per hour from 10 am to 6 pm, and 8 yuan per hour from 6 pm to 10 pm. The fitness industry can be called the "cabbage price".

  The gym area is about 200 square meters, with oxygen training area and strength training area, treadmills, dumbbell racks, strength equipment, and even the recently popular battle ropes.

  After 18 years of fitness, why did Mr. Chen switch from a fitness studio to a shared gym?

"Shared gyms do not apply for cards and do not promote sales. The prices are close to the people, and the environment is quiet and comfortable." Mr. Chen said: "With the help of personal trainers, I have mastered how to use fitness equipment correctly, but even so, in traditional gyms or fitness The studio still needs to continue to recharge cards and ask for personal training. Now, to share the gym, the degree of freedom is higher." He also believes that such a gym is more reassuring, and there is no need to worry about the day when the fitness studio suddenly closes and runs. road.

  In order to meet the needs of citizens for sports, since last year, the Shanghai Social Sports Management Department has worked hard to revitalize resources and introduce social forces.

The shared gym is operated by Shanghai Jiuhui Sports Management Co., Ltd. According to the company’s commercial director Luo Weishun: “There are already three such shared gyms in Shanghai, namely Jing’an Stadium, Luochuan East Road, and Putuo Stadium. The number of gyms can be increased to 15."

  Shared coach

  At the moment when shared bicycles and shared cars are popular, the fitness coaches here are also labeled "shared".

  On the wall of the store, each coach’s course advantages and qualifications are clearly listed. The mobile terminal can also check the location of the coach. Users can make appointments according to their needs and pay per time. There is more room for independent choice without expensive one-time expenses. Fitness fee.

  At 10:30 in the morning on New Year's Eve, fitness coach Du Fei came to the Putuo store as scheduled, and a fitness enthusiast chose him on the mini program.

According to Du Fei, since the third day of the new year, he has hardly taken a break, and has an average of 2-3 classes a day.

  Having worked in the fitness industry for 5 years, Du Fei joined the Putuo Shared Gym this year.

A female member who had trained with him for a year in a traditional gym also moved here with him.

In her opinion, the venue conditions here are very good, and the exercise flexibility is higher.

  For Du Fei himself, coming here to be a coach has made the fitness profession more pure.

"Before I had to be a salesman, every time I had to sell to customers, and gradually I also had resistance. Now I am more attentive in class, and I don’t have to worry about selling solutions to students. I see them choose me to come to class again and again. , I feel very happy.” In Du Fei's view, more and more women nowadays begin to pay attention to fitness, and they often have the need to shape themselves.

  Shared health

  Even if you don't ask for personal training, you can exercise yourself, and you can always keep track of your fitness situation.

The Putuo Gymnasium shared gym has a professional management system. The system will uniformly plan and manage the user's daily exercise data, such as the personal exercise time per day, week, and month. Through data analysis, citizens can also get more scientific and reasonable exercise suggestions.

  The reporter also saw on the spot that an "artifact"-body composition analyzer was introduced here, which can measure the body composition health index, such as measuring the body's total water, protein, inorganic salt, body fat, and basal metabolic rate, etc., to help The bodybuilder effectively understands the state of physical health.

Moreover, first aid equipment for cardiac resuscitation is installed near the shared gym to ensure the safety of citizens during exercise.

  "The shared gym is more like a fully functional community fitness unmanned store (no one only refers to no sales, clerk and other related shop staff), self-service docking with mobile phones throughout the whole process and long hours of operation, equipped with aerobic equipment area As well as the exercise class area, intelligently manage the fitness process, share coach assignments, and guide users to exercise nearby." said Hu Yanbo, general manager of Shanghai Jiuhui Sports Management Co., Ltd., "At present, the Shanghai Sports Bureau, the district sports bureaus and the streets are facing us. This brand-new model is well recognized, and it intends to transform some of the original gyms for the common people."

  At the end of the interview, Aunt Wei, who was in charge of cleaning, had something to say: "I have been working here for three months. The biggest motivation is that I have also lost weight and become healthier. Every day I see citizens come here to exercise and make friends with them. , I also learned a lot of exercise methods from it." Our reporter Tao Xingying