"Women cannot enter the tunnel": It has nothing to do with safety, only superstition and discrimination

  I think the "two sessions"

  The engineering construction industry needs to be in awe, but it is science, not superstition, that should be in awe.

  "Women's yin spirit is heavy, it will be bad if you enter." "Women's'blood and light disaster' may cause a tunnel accident"... At first hearing these words, do you think it is a joke, a joke, or a joke?

  But this is a real "taboo" in many tunnel construction projects.

  According to the Science and Technology Daily, Tian Chunyan, deputy to the National People's Congress, suggested that the feudal superstition that discriminated against women in tunnel construction should be eliminated.

  Many people may be surprised when they first saw this suggestion: It is already 2021, are there any rules for tunnel construction?

  But it does.

Not only Tian Chunyan felt that this was not an isolated phenomenon, but many netizens engaged in engineering construction also showed up to confirm this statement.

The reason is three words: unlucky.

  As we all know, there are many mythical operations and exquisites in the field of engineering construction.

For example, feng shui and sacrifice have become the "standard equipment" of many projects, and some openly invite Taoist priests to act on the site.

But the "taboo" hidden in this field is much more than that.

Women are not allowed to enter the tunnel construction, which is one of them.

Tian Chunyan, as the chief engineer, can hardly get rid of such real distress, which shows that her reality distortion power is so powerful.

  Many people do not allow women to enter the construction tunnels. They always associate women with bad omens on their own grounds, believing that certain characteristics of women "prone to unknown risks."

But there is no doubt that "women cannot enter the tunnel", there is no scientific basis at all.

  Fundamentally speaking, construction safety depends on project construction specifications, material quality, safety awareness, etc. It has no inevitable relationship with gender.

Taking into account the difference in the division of labor by gender, it is understandable that women in some types of work are not suitable for employment, but even female technicians have to be blocked out of the tunnel. Is this justified?

  Refusing women to enter, except for some empirical misinformation, is more like an irrational "safety" psychology derived from lack of confidence in safety guarantees, and the starting point for operations such as offering sacrifices to pray for safety may be the same.

  If we say that the formation of this taboo in the past has specific social environmental factors, then today, when construction technology and standards are constantly improving and clear, we can regard such a pre-modern taboo as an unsuspecting "exquisiteness". This is undoubtedly a kind of comical conservatism, and it is also showing an increasing rebellion against modern science.

  It should be noted that in the past few women participated in the field of engineering construction, mainly due to the constraints of subjective and objective conditions, but now with the improvement of various conditions, more female technicians entering the field of engineering construction is a general trend.

  For example, in recent years, the number of female students majoring in science and engineering at universities has increased significantly, and many outstanding women who have devoted themselves to the field of engineering construction have also won the honorary title of "National Survey and Design Master".

  In this context, no matter how long the historical inheritance of certain industry "hidden rules", they should be re-examined, and they should not be allowed to continue to be artificial roadblocks that affect women's talents and fair employment.

  In any case, for an industry based on science and technology, it is good to have more scientific spirit, less "metaphysics", more technology and less "taboo".

  The engineering construction industry needs to be in awe, but it is science, not superstition, that should be awed.

  □Ren Ran (media person)