"Brother Ramen" helps the prototype of "Lost Orphans" to find children: earning traffic requires "positive traffic"

  After "Brother Ramen" became famous, his ramen stall on the big episode of his hometown became a "live broadcast base", and it was surrounded by various Internet celebrities and video bloggers almost every day.

In order to catch the heat and traffic, some people "came after him" and affected the normal life of the "Brother Ramen" family and the local villagers.

Public opinion has been verbal and condemned for this kind of behavior of "scratching traffic" and not doing everything.

Despite the harassment, "Ramen Brother" still graciously said, "I hope everyone will pay attention to safety."

  Facing Guo Gangtang's request for help, "Ramen Brother" did not hesitate to extend a helping hand.

He and Guo Gangtang not only picked up the child-finding banner, recorded a short video to ask for help from the majority of netizens, but also invited Guo Gangtang into the house, making it a chore.

According to reports, due to the influence of the movie "Lost Orphan", "Ramen Brother" has already joined the "Baby Go Home" project and became a volunteer.

  In fact, the popularity of "Ramen Brother" is rather unexpected.

Born in 1982, he has a sense of vicissitudes beyond his age on his face. Despite this, he still faces the experience of life positively and optimistically.

With the increasing attention of "Ramen Brother", more of his stories began to be understood. Therefore, there is a legend of "a bowl of ramen for only 3 yuan", and there is also a good story to help Guo Gangtang find a son.

After becoming popular, perhaps "Ramen Brother" has many opportunities to start traffic monetization, but he chooses to use his traffic to help a father who is eager to find a child.

This simplicity is awe-inspiring to "Brother Ramen".

  Many netizens left messages saying, "This is the correct use of traffic" and "Ramen noodles deliver positive energy"... Indeed, not only energy has "positive and negative", traffic also has "positive and negative".

What the "ramen brother" embodies is the "positive flow" of "the powerful can help others".

In contrast, will those who do everything in order to rub traffic feel ashamed and blush?

  In the era of attention economy, many people are obsessed with traffic, dreaming of an overnight boom.

In fact, flow is not justice, only justice is worthy of flow.

This is not only the key to "Ramen Brothers" that always surprises people and is moving everywhere, it also makes people have more value expectations for the concept of "net celebrity"-"earning traffic", but also "positive traffic".

  Chengdu Commercial Daily-Red Star News Special Commentator Zhao Zhijiang