Three defendants accused of murder-robbery for suffocating an elderly woman by breaking into an apartment in Koto-ku, Tokyo, where there was a so-called "Apoden" asking how much cash was in the house The Tokyo District Court sentenced him to 28 and 27 years in prison.

In February, Takuki Sue (24) and three others broke into an apartment in Koto-ku, Tokyo, tied the limbs of an 80-year-old woman living alone, and suffocated her by blocking her mouth and nose. As a result, he was charged with suffocation and death.

While the prosecution sought life imprisonment, the defense argued that the cause of death of the victim was suddenly exacerbated by the stress of the defendants' assault.

In the ruling, the Tokyo District Court's chief judge, Mr. Mamoru Mamoru, said, "There is no noticeable internal bleeding in the victim's neck, and it is doubtful that he has oppressed. I found it worse, "and acknowledged the defense's allegations.

He then sentenced Sue to 28 years in prison and the other two defendants to 27 years in prison, saying, "We couldn't assume that the defendants were at risk of killing the victim."

After the sentence was handed down and everyone stood up and thanked them in court, Sue shouted "Yosha" and was warned by the prison officer.