Powerful black women

Audio 48:30

Audrey Célestine and Valérie Nivelon in the RFI studios.

© Sophie Janin / RFI

By: Valérie Nivelon

50 mins

"I am the dream and the hope of the slave", poetic and political quote from Maya Angelou, an essential and enlightening figure in the history of the emancipation of African American women.


Powerful black women, they fought to become full citizens and give voice in La marche du monde, to the sound of our archives echoing the book by Audrey Célestine "Des vies de combat", published by L'iconoclaste .

Another story of women from the 19th to the 21st century.

© Éditions L'Iconoclaste

A program produced by Sophie Janin with the help of our librarians from the RFI sound library, Vanadis Feuille and Laurence Sarniguet.

© Éditions L'Iconoclaste

RFI is dedicating, on Monday March 8, 2021, a special day to International Women's Rights Day by honoring women scientists. 


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