Demonstration in Melbourne for International Women's Day, March 8, 2021. -

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The heroines of the health crisis in the spotlight on March 8

This March 8, international women's rights day, will be in France under the sign of the strike and the demonstration.

Unions like Solidaires and the CGT and feminist associations like Les effrontées and Dare feminism, among others, are calling for demonstrations today in several cities.

In Paris, the procession will start in front of the Cochin hospital, to ask for “resources for the caregivers”;

and will pay tribute on its passage in particular to the cashiers, to the “intermittent and precarious”, and to all the “first of corvée”.

Suicidal thoughts and racism ... Harry and Meghan let loose on CBS

During an explosive two-hour CBS interview with American television star Oprah Winfrey, the Harry-Meghan couple did not speak in the wild on Sunday night.

Meghan Markle thus revealed to have had suicidal thoughts when living within the royal family.

The former actress also spoke to Oprah Winfrey, who was disbelieving and shocked, about conversations she was told about her son's skin color before he was born.

20 Minutes

returns to this interview which should not please the side of Buckingham Palace.

The Marseillais released by Canet fans in the Coupe de France

Even if it must lead to a questioning, it is for the moment a football night to really forget on the side of the Canebière.

At the heart of a season of all disasters, Marseille fell even lower with a pitiful elimination (2-1) Sunday in the round of 16 of the Coupe de France against Canet-en-Roussillon, a National 2 team ( 4th division).

The Marseillais had promised this week that the Cup was an objective and that it was necessary to aim for the final… It is therefore missed.

To understand how the club got there,

20 Minutes

makes you relive this match which robs OM of one of its last chances to see Europe.


Emma Corrin was very touched by Prince Harry's comments on "The Crown"


"Adopting a gendered budget is not painting the walls of the city pink", according to Florence Delaunay, deputy in charge of equality in Lyon

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