The interview that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry gave to Oprah Winfrey caused quite a stir.

Royalty expert Rick Evers tells in conversation with that he would not be surprised if this leads to changes on the part of the British royal family.

What was discussed in the interview

  • Markle said there has been talk of "how dark Archie's skin would get".

    It was not said who voiced these concerns.

    Winfrey announced on Monday that Prince Harry has emphasized that it is not about Queen Elizabeth or Prince Philip.

  • After Archie's birth, it was decided that he would not receive the title of 'prince'.

    As a result, to the couple's surprise, he would also be denied protection.

    They wanted security when needed.

  • Life within the British royal family was so difficult for Markle that she struggled with suicidal thoughts during her pregnancy because of the negative way in which the media wrote about her. 

  • She asked for help because of her mental complaints, but she said she did not receive any support from the royal family.

  • The prince said, among other things, that contact with his father Prince Charles deteriorated after the couple had announced that they wanted to resign.

    Prior to the announcement, he spoke to his grandmother Queen Elizabeth three times, but Charles kept off contact.

The statements in the interview have caused a lot in the media and the question is whether the British royal family will react openly to this.

Evers does not expect this.

"That's not the custom.

Never complain


never explain


Nevertheless, the royalty expert hopes that the situation will change: "Not for the outside world, not for Meghan, but for everyone who will have to deal with this in the future. Such as an employee or someone who marries someone from the royal family."

Evers does not consider it impossible that changes will follow - perhaps in silence.

"Elizabeth is not only queen of the United Kingdom, but also of the entire Commonwealth (some fifty countries, including South Africa and Australia, ed.). Meghan was someone in those countries with whom people could identify. her as one of them. Now that she is no longer part of the family, members of the Commonwealth have said, "Shouldn't we even get rid of those colonial ties?"

This interview could speed that up. "

The interview that Princess Diana gave to the BBC shortly after her divorce from Prince Charles can in certain respects be compared to the conversation that Winfrey had with Prince Harry and Markle.

The royal family did not respond to Diana's interview, but it brought about some changes in the long run, Evers explains.

"When Diana died, Queen Elizabeth actually came out of her ivory tower for the first time. She decided that a British flag was being hung at half mast. That was a first, as the flag was normally only used to indicate the presence or absence of the Queen. Elizabeth also gave a speech on TV. All in all, movement is certainly possible. "


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