The "Snow Sculpture" traffic police in Zheduoshan found him as a handsome 24-year-old Tibetan guy

The "snow sculpture" traffic policeman Baima Muluo on Zheduo Mountain

  In the past two days, a photo of a traffic policeman's "snow sculpture" on Zheduo Mountain in Ganzi Prefecture has been popular among many people's circle of friends. The traffic policeman in the photo is dressed in white snow, raising his hand to direct the traffic. People moved.

  Who is he?

Chengdu Commercial Daily-Red Star News reporter learned from the Ganzi Prefecture Public Security Bureau that the policeman in the photo is Baima Muluo. The 24-year-old is a handsome Tibetan guy. He started working in 2018 and is currently working in Zheduoshan, Kangding Public Security Bureau. Police station work.

  At 10 o'clock on March 8th, when the reporter contacted Baima Muluo, he was still on the snow-capped mountain and continued to direct traffic.

  Baima Muluo recalled that the photo was taken by a colleague. It was taken at about 15:10 on March 7 when he was on duty.

Since the sudden heavy snowfall on March 5, Baima Muluo and his comrades have fought continuously on the front line of Zheduo Mountain's wind and snow protection for two days and one night, ensuring that there are no vehicles or people stranded in Zheduo Mountain for the night.

  "This snow is a particularly big one since last year. There was a lot of snow on the road at that time. I was busy directing traffic and didn't pay attention." Baima Muluo said. It often snows on Zheduo Mountain, sometimes six or seven. It still snows in the month, except for the necessary vacations, they spend almost all of the year on the mountain.

He said he had experienced such scenes too many times.

  What Baima Muluo said is true. In Ganzi Prefecture, it is not just Zheduo Mountain that has such a scene.

  On the morning of March 7th, a heavy truck skidded uphill on the first line of Keluodong on Provincial Highway 215. Two police officers from the police station followed the direction of the vehicle and shoveled the anti-skid sand with their spades, and drove them into the vehicle. wheel.

A female driver who can't hang a chain drove through the wind and snow road alone and slipped off the road accidentally.

Unable to do anything, the traffic police came to her, helped her hang snow chains, and finally left the dangerous road safely.

A passenger car with snow chains couldn't beat the wind and snow, slipping out of the road.

The traffic police on duty found the "fixed stone", put the stone under the wheel, and mobilized the passengers to work together to push the trapped vehicle onto a safe road.

  Yang Zhijun Chengdu Commercial Daily-Red Star News reporter Jiang Lintu according to the interviewee