Meghan Markle and Harry, during the broadcast on March 7, 2021 of the interview with Oprah Winfrey.



As one would expect, the Harry - Meghan couple did not do it in the language of wood on Sunday evening.

During an explosive two-hour CBS interview with American television star Oprah Winfrey, Meghan Markle revealed that she had suicidal thoughts while living with the royal family.

She even claimed to have been refused the psychological and medical support she requested because it would have damaged the image of the institution.

“I just didn't want to be alive anymore.

And they were constant, terrifying, real and very clear thoughts, ”said the mixed-race wife of Prince Harry, sometimes moved to tears, blaming her psychological state on aggressive British media coverage.

The two spouses, who announced they were expecting a girl, explained their withdrawal and their departure for the United States by the conjunction of untenable media pressure and the lack of support from the royal family.

Oprah Winfrey in disbelief

The former actress also spoke to Oprah Winfrey, who was disbelieving and shocked, about conversations she was told about her son's skin color before he was born.

Harry was told "of concerns and conversations (...) about how dark his skin [would] be when he [was born]," she explained, without wanting to give the identity of the person (s). people who had this exchange with her husband.

"I was in shock," Harry said for his part.

If Meghan Markle denounced a "real smear campaign" and said she did not feel protected by the royal family, she was careful not to personally attack members of the crown.

She simply claimed that, contrary to what had been reported by the British press, it was not she who had made Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, cry in an incident which occurred shortly before her marriage to Prince Harry in 2018, but the reverse had happened.

She clarified that Kate apologized shortly after.

Harry "disappointed" with his father

Harry went further, saying he was "really disappointed" with his father, Prince Charles, as he went through a difficult time.

“Because he went through something similar.

He knows what pain is, ”the prince said.

“There will be work” to improve their relationship, “but at the same time, I will always love her”.

He also mentioned his brother, explaining that the two princes were "on different paths".

In contrast, Charles and Diana's youngest son praised his grandmother, Queen Elisabeth II, claiming not to have "taken her by surprise" when he announced his retirement from the royal family.

“My grandmother and I have a great relationship and an understanding,” he said.

“He's my colonel-in-chief.

It will remain so ”.

It remains to be seen how the “colonel-in-chief” will react to this interview.

According to the

Sunday Times

, Elisabeth II did not intend to watch him.


Emma Corrin was very touched by Prince Harry's comments on "The Crown"


Meghan and Harry's interview will be broadcast exclusively on TMC on Monday evening

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