• Leaders Ibai Llanos, the best known man in Spain (for your son): "I literally do whatever I want"

"I don't want people to be like me," and

Ibai Llanos

, the streamer who lives by making people want to be like him, says it.

Last night's interview in

Lo de Évole

was not just another interview, it was not an interview with a streamer of those, of those that our children watch, of those who eat our children, of those who go to Andorra, of those who live like God by sitting in front of a computer.

Jordi Évole's



Ibai Llanos

last night

was to put an end to all these prejudices and stigmas that surround a sector that is prosecuted, misunderstood and even hated by a generation incapable of understanding or wanting to understand who are characters like

Iba Llano


The lesson that

Ibai Llanos

gave last night

It was a masterful lesson in sanity, coherence, judgment, humility and judgment that probably left more and more than two with their mouths open.

It is impossible to listen to

Ibai Llanos

and, even if you don't even know who he is, you might like him.

Ibai Llanos

is a communication monster, a born "entertainer", a media crack, understood as a means of channels that produce a generational gap, which last night

Ibai Llanos

demonstrated can be solved.

It is not only what it communicates but how it communicates, how it makes comprehensible what is incomprehensible for many, how it presents a coherent, rational discourse, charged with surprising reality.

And it is surprising because a good part of society has become accustomed to stigmatizing not only those who dedicate themselves to this streamig, but an entire generation.

Perhaps, they have been wrong for a long time, perhaps those young people who are pointed out are not the majority but the minority, perhaps those young people follow, see and dedicate hours and hours to people like

Ibai Llanos

are the ones who count and not the ones we think count.

The trial of

Ibai Llanos

or, at least, the trial that he demonstrated last night in

Lo de Évole

is difficult not to surprise everyone, from those who know him and follow him, to those who discovered for the first time almost for the first time who this

Ibai Llanos was


And surely what was most surprising, as

Jordi Évole

was surprised

, is that when we see young people, very young and not so young, sitting in front of the computer, spending more time with streamers like

Ibai Llanos

than having a



, We believed that they were wasting their life, we believed that they were wasting time, we believed that nothing good and, above all, useful they were going to learn.

Well, it turns out that no, they were wrong, that if they have or want to be in front of a computer, perhaps, it is better that they do so by seeing

Ibai Llanos


And, above all, that it was time for parents to know who our friends are with, even if we think that connecting to a screen is not relating.

Well yes, it is.

"I am very afraid that the objective of the kids is to be streamers


earn a lot of money and live in this type of house. This only happens to one in millions", which has been

a well-furnished head


And it is said by who is that one of millions, the one who lives in what was Samuel Eto'o's house, the one who has converted a house of almost 15,000 euros a month into a company house for streamers, the one who earns per month Only with his subscribers, 120,000 dollars ... Many will think, with this resume who can tell a 15 or 16 year old boy, this is only achieved by one in millions.

Well, who can tell you the best is the one who is that one, it is

Ibai Llanos


Of course she tells him, just as she has no qualms about looking at the camera and addressing those parents, "hey, this is an opportunity for you to get to know your children better."

"I am a streamer, a content creator. And what is a streamer?


is a person who makes live broadcasts on a platform and who lives on the basis of directing and their social networks. You go to a platform and you do direct broadcasts every day , you broadcast the content that you want as if it were a TV program. You can make content of anything. You can do whatever you want (...) I try to have an entertaining and energetic live show and try to face it in a positive way I know that there will be people who see me because they are bored, because they want to entertain themselves, because they want to escape from all the shit they have in their life, and I understand that people like that and it hooks them a lot or directly they have a great time for the afternoons".

This is what

Ibai Llanos does

, this is what he does.

And there will be some who will say, that can be done by anyone.

No, we are wrong, that something seems simple does not mean that it is.

To do what

Ibai Llanos does

, to have more than

40,000 subscribers paying 5 euros

every month to see him, to have thousands and millions of followers, you have to have something that only a few are graced with.

One of them is

Ibai Llanos


Ibai Llanos' message to parents in Lo de Évole

Jordi Évole

said last night

in the interview that right now the son who knows

Ibai Llanos

was sitting on the couch at home

, who follows him, who spends hours with him, and the parents who have no idea who that boy is .

And it is that the interview of

Lo de Évole


Ibai Llanos

managed to do what is rarely achieved: unite two completely opposite generations in every way and, I think, that with a similar result, it is impossible that

Ibai Llanos

does not like it.

"I would break the fourth wall and tell the camera. What I would tell you is to stay because it is important that you know the tastes of your children. It is not an opportunity that is always given and for 20 minutes or half an hour, well Maybe he draws a positive conclusion or he doesn't care, but he's not going to waste time. I think that if I were a father and I have a 17-year-old son and I saw myself on TV, I think I would criticize him. It is very easy to fall into 'this guy who is', 'this guy is stupid'. It's normal. "

And stay how

Jordi Évole

looked at

Ibai Llanos


The two generations, the young woman, the 'grandmother', the look.


Ibai Llanos

demonstrated last night


Lo de Évole

is that that generation that lives sentenced by the generation that has seen them be born and grow up, is a generation where coherence exists, where reality exists, where judgment exists.

They are not crazy, or stupid, or some long live the Virgin.

They are a generation that has things clear, that, although with their lights and shadows, they know where they want to go and how they want to go.

I understand that for that 'grandmother' generation, seeing that a 25-year-old boy can earn

$ 120,000 a month

for making live videos of whatever he wants is difficult to understand, but what we have to see is that that boy gets involved in your house every day and that what we did not know last night you understood better and it is not as terrible or absurd as you thought.

Ibai Llanos

acknowledged last night that in his worst times he spent more than 16 hours in front of the computer.

Not now, but still living from this, he knows the concern that this entails for some parents and does not hesitate to make a reflection, like many others he did last night, that he is closer to 'grandparents' than to his' clients ': "I would tell those parents that if your son and daughter only does that constantly, without doing anything else, if I were a father, I would try to talk to my son and understand why he is in front of the computer all day

without paying attention to anything else.

There are many kids who use video games and streaming as an escape route from their problems, because

there are people who may have been bullying them in class, for example,

and find their friends online. "

Ibai Llanos would not be the image of bookmakers

Ibai Llanos' speech is a speech that must be heard.

Your son listens to it practically every day, but it was still necessary for you to listen to it and see with your own eyes that your son is not in such bad hands, that your son still needs an

Ibai Llano

s in his life for many reasons and that Instead of defenestrating, the time has come to accept and understand, even if it costs.

Because, perhaps, the speech of

Ibai Llanos


Lo de Évole

was an unexpected speech for that other generation.

Unexpected because among those who did not know him and those who thought that ... you collided head-on with a more than surprising guy.

"Would you say no to any brand because of the type of activity that brand does?"

Jordi Évole

asked him


Ibai Llanos'


is from a judgment that many others lack: "Yes, many. I have already rejected being the image of a bank. It was something that I had to think about a lot because it was a lot of money. It was a very young bank of These seemed cool, but it was a very strong campaign.

It was a bit of being the image of that bank for six months, but I have a little respect for banks.

Imagine, I am the image of a bank and then seven people are evicted. "



But not only with banks, not everything is worth for money nor does money buy everything.

"Nor would I collaborate with the bookmakers. They pay a lot, a lot, but I always reject them (...) They are a social problem."

The impressive thing is not that he says something so coherent without disheveled, the impressive thing is that his entire speech is like that.

It is a speech that fits his generation, believe it or not, and that satisfies the parents or non-parents of that generation.

Few can say the same.

Few can sit still being a streamer in

Jordi Évole's program

and come out as victorious as

Ibai Llanos

came out last night


And there will be those who say that

Jordi Évole

made it easy for him.

No, gentlemen, no, nothing is easy, it is that

Ibai Llanos

has things very clear and has nothing to be ashamed of or to hide from.

In fact, without

Jordi Évole

even asking him


Ibai Llanos

explained one of the worst times of his life, when he was going to move from Bilbao to Barcelona and he began to stop feeling his arms, to almost not be able to walk, to to have a panic to go out, to not want to relate to anyone.

"I thought I was dying and went to my GP who told me that what I was suffering from was




panic attacks


For those who say that dedicating themselves to this is an easy road.

Nothing easy.

Ibai Llanos, Andorra and reality

And he kept on sticking, sticking on practically the entire interview.

I'm talking about what he earns, where he lives, Andorra ... Yes, Andorra, and don't expect to hear what many would like to hear to launch like hordes after him.


Ibai Llanos

is normal, although we do not want to believe it.

"Do you rule out going to Andorra to pay taxes?" Asked



"Yes," it was blunt.

"I had not seen such a campaign on all sides, those who defend leaving and those who want to stay. It gives me a bit of vertigo," he acknowledged.

And it is a? Vertigo justified because the controversy that has been created around streamers and youtubers with the Andorra thing has been fed with too much meat.




and as

Ibai Llanos

himself said

, going to Andorra was not invented by them, although they may have been the first to not hide it.

That does not mean that

Ibai Llanos

is clear why he would not go to Andorra and why he continues to pay taxes in Spain, although this means that he earns less money: "In short, if I want to go to


, I leave, I would earn a lot more money and no matter how much shit storm falls on you, it turns out to be profitable on an economic level, on a purely selfish level (...) "It's that what makes me funny is that there are very humble people, who are in all their right, but they defend a lot that they go to Andorra when their father is a truck driver or their mother a cleaner ... I like that people are aware that I follow this discourse from the position that I have ".

A position that has not always been the case, and perhaps that is why Iba Llanos is clear that it is normal for those who earn the most to pay more taxes.


Ibai Llanos

did not always have the house in which Samuel Eto'o lived, nor did he earn what he earns now, nor did he live as he does now.

He lived very well until the crisis of 2008 hit his family very hard.


"I remember my father being taken off the night shift and, therefore, he began to earn less money," recalls

Ibai Llanos

, who also explains how his mother lost her job and "never went back to work." .

"My father had many debts," said

Ibai Llanos


"They seized half of his salary and then there began to be many financial problems at home. My father has even sacrificed for my brother if he had not even eaten one day."


The reality that probably made those who adored

Ibai Llanos

adore him even more and those who didn't even know who he was or didn't want to know went to bed thinking, I was wrong.

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