China News Service, Hong Kong, March 7 (Reporter Han Xingtong) The funeral of Hong Kong movie star Wu Mengda was held on the afternoon of March 7 at Hung Hom World Funeral Home.

Wu Mengda’s best partner, Stephen Chow, and Andy Lau and other friends in the entertainment circle sent wreaths and paid tribute.

  Wu Mengda died of cancer at about 5 pm on February 27 due to the deterioration of his cancer. He was 70 years old.

Wu Mengda’s family set up a spirit for him at the World Funeral Home on March 7th, during which a public sacrifice period was opened for the public to pay tribute. Afterwards, the sabbath service was held in the form of Christianity. The farewell ceremony was held on the 8th, and the coffin was immediately after the ceremony. Moved to the cremation ground at Cape Collinson, Chai Wan for a cremation ceremony.

  The reporter saw at the scene that the portrait in the center of the mourning hall was surrounded by white and yellow flowers. In the photo, Wu Mengda was wearing a dark blue suit and black-rimmed glasses, supporting his chin with one hand and showing a gentle smile.

In front of the portrait, a light yellow and pink heart-shaped wreath gifted by Wu Mengda's family was placed.

  Friends in the entertainment industry, including Stephen Chow, Chow Yun-fat, Andy Lau, Jacky Cheung, Liming, Aaron Kwok and his wife, Louis Koo, Hui Yinghong, Liu Qingyun and his wife, all sent wreaths.

  The wreath sent by Stephen Chow said "I will miss forever", and Stephen Chow also arrived at the mourning hall at 4 o'clock in the afternoon to pay his respects. He was the first friend in the entertainment industry.

Subsequently, Wu Junru, Andy Lau and others also arrived one after another.

  At the time of the public sacrifice, the citizens who came to express their condolences lined up more than 100 meters long, mostly holding white chrysanthemums.

Ms. Citizen Yue came to mourn me in a black suit. She said that she liked watching movies with Wu Mengda and Stephen Chow since she was a child, and praised Wu Mengda as a "golden supporting role", and her acting skills have a sense of hierarchy. "Many of his roles are middle-aged who have failed. People, but he interprets them in an optimistic and positive way of acting, giving people a kind of hope.” Ms. Yue revisited Wu Mengda’s work "The God of Cookery" in recent days, “He is a very good actor and wants to give His last ride."

  On the same day, when Wu Mengda’s younger brother Wu Lida was interviewed by reporters at the scene, he first thanked the outside world for so many years of concern for Wu Mengda. He also said that he was proud of his brother. "His care for his family, filial piety to his parents, and care for his brothers and good friends make Everyone is full of praise for him, and our family all follow him as an example."

  The family of Wu Mengda, who has always been low-key, rarely accepts media interviews. On the 7th, they jointly issued a press release to express their gratitude to everyone and revealed that after Wu Mengda's cremation, his ashes will return to Malaysia with his family.