Group BTS was selected as the representative pop star of 2020 in the list of'THE GREATEST POP STAR BY YEAR: 1981-2020' selected by Billboard of the United States.

According to the Billboard website, the list of'Best Pop Stars of the Year' is a team of pop stars that had the most profound influence of the year from 1981 to 2020.

Billboard selected BTS as the best pop star of 2020, saying, "For the past few years, the colorful world of K-pop has been a genre on the periphery of mainstream American pop." I did.

Billboard said, "It has become difficult for the American public to deny not only the status of BTS as the best superstar, but also the position K-pop deserves in mainstream music."

He added, "Listening to their music makes us painfully imagining all the music that could have become pop classics but missed just because of language barriers."

Billboard said, "While success on the chart is essential, pop stardom has too many intangible elements." "The answer is" he explained.

Adele (2011), Liana (2012), Miley Cyrus (2013), Beyonce (2014), Taylor Swift (2015), Justin Bieber (2016), Ed Sheeran (2017) , Drake (2018), Ariana Grande (2019), etc.