Girl group Brave Girls''Rolin' ran in reverse after 4 years of release, sweeping the 1st place on the music chart.

'Rolin' is a song released by Brave Girls on March 7, 2017, four years ago, and is currently writing the myth of reverse driving on the music chart. After driving in reverse,'Rolin' ranked first on major domestic music sites such as Melon, Genie, and Bugs on the 6th. Accordingly, member Yoo Jeong-eun expressed his feelings through his personal SNS, saying, "Tomorrow, the 4th anniversary of Rollin's release" and "Thank you for a very good gift."

In addition, on the afternoon of the 6th, Brave Girls showed a happy laugh after being #1 on the'Rolin' music chart in the video released through the official SNS. He then said, "Thank you for the people who left comments on the video, the YouTuber video editor who made the comment collection video, and the many people who love'Rolin'."

The reverse run of'Rolin' started when the video of'Brave Girls_Rolin_Comments' uploaded by a YouTuber on the 24th of last month became a hot topic. At the time of the activity, the public did not get a big response, but the explosive popularity of'Rolin', which aroused an enthusiasm for soldiers in the military, was revisited. 'Rolin', which started in that way, finally climbed to the top of the chart.

Brave Girls, who wrote the myth of reverse driving, is raising expectations by revealing that they will continue their music broadcasting activities with'Rolin' starting next week.

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kang Seon-ae)