Fieldlab's last four corona trial events will take place this weekend and next weekend. describes how the visitors are classified during the two festivals and the two events in the Ziggo Dome.

Dance event and concert

On Saturday, March 6, a dance event will take place in the Ziggo Dome, with performances by, among others, Sunnery James and Ryan Marciano and Lady Bee.

A day later André Hazes performs.

The two events are handled in the same way.

Visitors are divided into six groups called bubbles.

Bubble 1

The first bubble consists of 250 people and is located to the right of the stage.

In it, three people are placed on 1 square meter.

All people in this bubble wear a mouth mask, even while singing and on their way to the catering industry or the toilet.

One in ten visitors undergoes a rapid test.

This rapid test is not a medical test, but primarily an experiment to find out up to what number it makes sense to test people on location prior to an event and to have them wait for the results.

All visitors must be tested negative by a PCR test within 48 hours before the start of each event.

Lumpy 2

Is next to the first, also with 250 people.

They are given enough space to keep a distance of 1.5 meters from each other.

Here, too, everyone wears a mouth mask, but no one undergoes a rapid test.

Bubble 3

A full-width space behind those two above-mentioned spaces in front of the podium.

People are on designated dots there.

At least: they are asked to do so.

They only wear mouth masks when they move towards toilets or catering establishments.

No rapid tests are taken here either.

Bubble 4

Located in the stands and consists of 250 people.

They decide where they sit and always wear masks.

One in ten visitors is tested here.

Bubble 5

Also in the stands.

People are placed here, with two chairs in between.

One may sit or stand.

These people only need to wear a mouth cap when they move.

Bubble 6

Visitors sit or stand in the stands.

Nobody needs to wear a face mask in this simulated VIP setting.

However, one in ten people is subjected to a rapid test.

Dance festival and pop festival

A dance festival will take place on Saturday 13 March at the festival site in Biddinghuizen, where Lowlands and Defqon.1 are also organized.

Joris Voorn and Philou Louzolo, among others, perform here.

A day later, a pop festival takes place on the same site with artists such as Froukje, De Staat, Maan and Jett Rebel.

1,500 visitors are expected per festival day, but unlike the events in the Ziggo Dome, no separate bubbles are set up here.

However, all visitors do wear a face mask and - just as with the events in the Ziggo Dome - a tag, which is used to analyze, for example, how long they have been in the vicinity of other visitors.

Visitors are tested in advance and also have to deal with all kinds of checks, such as a temperature measurement, at the entrance.

After that, they are allowed to move freely around the festival site and behave as naturally as possible.

It is a compact festival site with two stages.

The festivals are open-air events, but the stages are covered for shelter.

As at all other locations, the air quality is also measured here.

The general picture shows that organizing events outdoors is safer than indoors.

Fieldlab is curious about what happens if you place a covering, but still allow air flows through the sides.