The RFI Gonaïves Club (Haiti): contributes to the training of young people

The participants of the training.

© Club RFI Gonaïves

By: Eric Amiens

2 min

This week, the Club RFI Gonaïves Club RFI tells about the realization of a training course to help young people to develop social projects and to contribute to the development of the region with the participation of: Allmaha Léon, Grégory Pierre, Sem Register and Wolbens Jean- Baptist. 


Cousin of the Club


Thélyson Aurélien,

Haitian writer-poet, former president-founder of Club RFI Gonaïves.


"Yon sèl dwèt pa manje kalalou" equivalent to "Unity is strength".


"Ti Jean", Bélo;

"Boukan dife" 35 zil.

Director: Cécile Bonici.

Example of certificate.

© Club RFI Gonaïves

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