Telephone consultation on consumer troubles related to the new coronavirus began on the 6th.

The telephone counseling named "Consumer Trouble Weekend Telephone Counseling in Corona" is provided by the "National Consumer Life Counselors Association" made up of counselors from consumer affairs centers nationwide. At the office in Chuo-ku, Tokyo, a specialist counselor answered the phone and received consultations regarding cancellation of the online course that started due to the influence of Corona.

According to the association, there

are a series of consultations such as ▽

a mask that I do not remember ordering arrived,

▽ a high cancellation fee was charged if I canceled the wedding ceremony to prevent infection, and

▽ the time spent at home became longer. As a result, consultations regarding online shopping, which is increasing in use, are also conspicuous.

Haruyo Suzuki, director of the Weekend Telephone Counseling Office of the National Consumer Affairs Counselors Association, said, "Because the behavior of consumers has changed due to the corona disaster, if you have any doubts, please feel free to contact us."

Telephone consultations will be held every Saturday and Sunday until the 28th of this month.

▽ The telephone number is 03-5614-0189 (10 am to 4 pm).

▽ Saturday only 011-612-7518 (1 pm-4 pm) is also accepted.

▽ We accept at 06-6203-7650 (10 am-4pm) only on Sundays.