Coronavirus: More than 23,000 new cases and 170 deaths in 24 hours (Illustration) -


In the past 24 hours, 170 people have died from Covid-19 in hospital, according to government data.

Since the start of the epidemic, 88,444 deaths have been recorded in France, including 25,174 in nursing homes or medico-social establishments.

Since Friday, 23,306 new cases of coronavirus have been recorded.

Slight decrease in hospitalizations

This Saturday, 24,625 people are hospitalized.

That's 140 people less than the day before.

In twenty-four hours, 1,097 new admissions were recorded, against 1,397 the day before.

The number of people hospitalized in intensive care is still increasing a little: 3,689 people are in these services, in which the most serious cases are taken care of, or nine more than the day before.

Since Friday, 233 people have been admitted there (91 less than the day before).

On the vaccination side, more than 3.5 million people have received a first dose of anti-Covid vaccine.

A figure which should experience a leap forward at the end of this mass vaccination weekend decided by the government.

Saturday at 5:30 pm, Olivier Véran indicated that 220,000 people had been vaccinated during the day, "more than double last Saturday" according to the Minister of Health.


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