Australian actor Guy Pearce sees art as a way to get closer to his own feelings.

"For me personally, every art form, including music, helps me to get closer to my own vulnerability," 53-year-old Pearce, who

plays master forger Han van Meegeren


The Last Vermeer

, tells

"I see it as a great start to get rid of obstacles."

Pearce, who has a relationship with Carice van Houten and got with her son Monte, painted a lot when he was little.

"I loved it. I know I'm mediocre, but that's okay. Just looking at painting does something to me, it breaks me open."

"I think everyone in this life is constantly looking for ways to understand themselves. Art helps me with that."

The Last Vermeer

is available via Pathé Thuis, Apple TV, Ziggo and Amazon Prime.