One of Fieldlab's last four corona trial events took place on Saturday: a dance event in the Ziggo Dome.

It was noticeable in the atmosphere that the audience had to wait a year for a party, according to Lucas de Wert of DJ duo Lucas & Steve.

"As if they had bottled up the energy."

It was "a little bit bizarre" for thirty-year-old De Wert to be back on stage after a year.

“It was noticeable that not only we, but also the public had been waiting for this for a year.

De Wert felt more tension than usual.

"Normally for big shows like Tomorrowland we get together how we feel. But you also have shows that you do throughout the year and then the nerves are not too bad. Now there was actually only 1,300 people present, but it felt anyway. very exciting. Imagine you are on stage and everything is very rusty. "

Fortunately, that was not too bad.

"All worries were for nothing. It's a bit


to compare it to cycling, but it is true: you don't forget. It's familiar to be in front of an audience and it really felt like coming home."

Logically, the test event tastes like more for the DJ.

"If it's up to me, I'll do it again next week."

Despite the corona crisis, the DJ duo's agenda is almost fully booked.

"In principle, everything from last year has been postponed for a year, so as soon as there is the green light, we are actually completely full."

De Wert thinks that the test event can contribute to this and "wholeheartedly" hopes that everyone in the audience will be tested.

"That is so important. When that happens, everything can be monitored more closely. I think that festivals and other events can be looked at very seriously. That is just a nicer society, we have to work with that. are all going again. "

The dance event in the Ziggo Dome was attended by 1,300 visitors, divided into five 'bubbles' of 250 people and one group of 50 people.

Sunnery James & Ryan Macriano, Sam Feldt and Lady Bee also performed at the test event on Saturday.

On Sunday, thirteen hundred people are expected again during an André Hazes concert.

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Lucas de Wert and Steven Jansen from Maastricht have been a DJ duo since their teens.

After releasing several records, they signed with a record label in 2014.

Two years later they had

their first success


Make It Right


Their most recent songs are



I Want it All


Another Life