Spain begins to breathe after the decline throughout the country in




At the gates of Easter and awaiting whether Health and the communities manage to agree on consensus measures on mobility, some autonomies have released this Friday - others will do so on Monday - a relaxation of the restrictions.

This is the case of

Extremadura, Andalusia, Aragón or the Valencian Community

, which, from this Friday, soften some of their measures, while Catalonia, Galicia and Castilla y León will do so from Monday, March 8, and the Basque Country from the Tuesday 9.


Brazil, one of the global epicenters of the pandemic, this Friday added 1,800 deaths

from Ccovid-19 in the last 24 hours, the second worst mark since the beginning of the crisis and in the United States,

the cinemas of the city of Nueva York reopened

with major security measures almost a year after the Big Apple began its lockdown.

The data of the coronavirus in Spain

    * Source: Ministry of Health

    Total figures: 3,149,012 confirmed coronavirus cases with a diagnostic test for active infection;

    There have been 71,138 deaths with a positive test as of March 5

  • 482,590 in


    (8,566 dead)

  • 107,568 in


    (3,303 dead)

  • 44,159 in


    (1,786 dead)

  • 56,338 in the

    Balearic Islands

    (730 dead)

  • 41,635 in the

    Canary Islands

    (607 dead)

  • 24,866 in


    518 dead)

  • 170,153 in

    Castilla-La Mancha

    (5,662 dead)

  • 207,098 in

    Castilla y León

    (6,449 dead)

  • 507,482 in


    (11,367 dead)

  • 4,723 in


    (86 dead)

  • 381,068 in the

    Valencian Community

    (6,791 dead)

  • 69,246 in


    (1,731 dead)

  • 112,751 in


    (2,239 dead)

  • 593,398 in


    (14,104 dead)

  • 7,098 in


    (72 dead)

  • 106,808 in


    (1,511 dead)

  • 51,628 in


    (1,103 dead)

  • 152,850 in the

    Basque Country

    (3,784 dead)

  • 27,553 in

    La Rioja

    (729 dead)

8.09 Mexico reports another 700 deaths and 6,700 new positives from coronavirus

The Mexican Health portfolio has registered 712 fatalities and 6,797 new cases of coronavirus this Friday, bringing the total number of deaths to 189,578 and the accumulated cases to 2,119,305 since the start of the pandemic.

In the daily balance, the Ministry of Health of Mexico has reported the application of 2,731,900 doses of the vaccine against the disease, of which 603,134 have been administered to health and educational personnel.

According to the local newspaper

El Universal

, Mexico has committed more than 230 million doses of vaccines against Covid-19 from different pharmaceutical companies and from the latter's Covax platform, specifically, 51.4 million.

Likewise, the country's Ministry of Health has indicated that the average occupation of beds in hospitals in the country is 28%.

Mexico City is the state with the highest saturation, having a hospital bed occupancy of 52 percent.

8.06 WHO warns about the "serious" situation in Brazil and calls for "aggressive" measures to stop Covid-19

The World Health Organization has warned this Friday about the "very serious" situation in Brazil due to Covid-19 due to the increase in cases, specifically those of the Brazilian variant, and has called on the authorities to take "aggressive" measures of public health and deploy vaccines throughout its territory to stop the advance of the pandemic.

The director general of the World Health Organization (WHO), Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, has warned that the trend will not change in the Latin American giant if measures to contain the coronavirus are not adopted.

According to the WHO, the country has a higher level of contagion by the P.1 variant, which has a greater transmission capacity and which would be causing reinfections in the areas of Manaus and Amazonas, which have recently experienced "intense outbreaks".

"With the proportion of current cases, we can say that they are reinfections probably due to the decrease in immunity over time or because this variant does not respond to natural immunity, which warns us that we have to be very careful with vaccines and make sure that they also work against this mutation, "said the director of Health Emergencies of the WHO, Michael Ryan.

8.00 New York cinemas reopen with important security measures

New York City cinemas reopened this Friday with important security measures almost a year after the Big Apple began its confinement, which led the entire entertainment sector to have to stop dead.

Although the majority of theaters in New York State obtained permission to start operating again last October, this was not the case for those in the metropolis, who did not receive the go-ahead until last week by the governor, Andrew. Cuomo, who defined March 5 as the first day of his "return to normalcy."

However, Cuomo ordered that cinemas have to limit their capacity to 25%, and that the number of people in the same room cannot exceed 50, which has led some to delay opening even more, since they do not consider that it will be economically viable to receive so few clients.

The AMC cinema chain did open its 13 stores throughout New York City, as well as the iconic Angelika Film Center in Manhattan, which has implemented a system whereby the seats that surround the purchased ones are automatically blocked when they are purchased. online or at the box office, ensuring social distancing during the movie.

Also, both the movie theater and the cafeteria you have will not accept cash payments.

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