[Explanation] The 65-year-old Nanjing citizen Wang Luwei used to be a truck driver. After retiring, he used a paintbrush to record scenes in his life in the form of comic strips.

On March 5, a reporter from China News Agency came to Mr. Wang's comic strip workshop to record the heart-warming story of the retired old man with the camera.

  [Explanation] Renovation and transformation of old communities, creation of international communities, registration and investigation during the epidemic... The life changes and touching little things in the thirty-four years are presented in Wang Luwei's pen.

  [Explanation] The comic book "Our Happy Life" contains a total of 39 hand-drawn pictures, all of which were created by Wang Luwei based on her own memories.

This hand-drawn picture in front of the camera tells about life scenes in 1987.

  [Concurrent] Wang Luwei, a citizen of Nanjing

  My comic strip shows a laundry (scene), (some people) basking in the sun, and some people reading the newspaper. In 1987, we used tubs (and washboards) to wash clothes, as long as there were On the open space, the bolt rope was exposed, (reflecting the life of the neighborhood at that time).

  [Explanation] As a child, Wang Luwei's parents bought him several comic books. Since then, he has become fascinated by comic books.

  [Concurrent] Wang Luwei, a citizen of Nanjing

  My parents bought comic strips that attracted me. I just sat at home and looked at it. Then I started to like drawing and copied the comic strips.

After arriving in middle school, under the guidance of the art teacher, I made a blackboard newspaper, (started) drawing a short comic or writing some articles.

  [Commentary] Among the numerous comic strips, the most profound experience for Wang Luwei is last year's "anti-epidemic story".

  [Concurrent] Wang Luwei, a citizen of Nanjing

  During the anti-epidemic period, all communities had anti-epidemic volunteers on duty, and every road within the community had volunteers on duty. Many of those volunteers were residents, and (they) did their part.

  [Explanation] In Wang Luwei's pen, the characters are unpretentious and the storyline is warm and touching. Why do you draw these characters?

Wang Luwei said that he just wanted to "tell" the story of Nanjing with a brush.

  [Concurrent] Wang Luwei, a citizen of Nanjing

  Painting is also my hobby, and I use this hobby to express my own feelings (because) people have a lot of shining points.

Weave it into a comic strip to record ordinary stories.

  [Explanation] Wang Luwei claims that he is an art lover, and his life after retirement is not colorful, but his creation is full of happiness and emotion.

  [Concurrent] Wang Luwei, a citizen of Nanjing

  In the past, I had to record, one is to write a diary, and the other is to draw a comic strip. Now it is also convenient. I can use my mobile phone to shoot.

I can’t talk about the painter. I’m just an art lover. I want to use my own paintbrush to paint the beautiful stories around me, to paint everything I see, and to show the changes in the (city) over the past 30 years to the society. A person).

  Reporter Ge Yong reports from Nanjing, Jiangsu

Editor in charge: 【Luo Pan】