The Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, solemnly called on caregivers to be vaccinated against Covid-19.

In a letter published Friday, he explains to the latter that it "is at stake for our collective security" and is sorry that only 30 to 40% of personnel are protected today.

"Your vaccination is a top priority for the government."

As he committed to Thursday during the press conference dedicated to the evolution of the coronavirus epidemic, the Minister of Health Olivier Véran sent a letter to convince reluctant health workers to be vaccinated.

The text of about twenty lines, published Friday evening, first of all thanks the caregivers for their "relentless" commitment before stressing the importance of the vaccine.


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"Our collective security is at stake"

The minister recalls in particular that only 30% of caregivers are vaccinated, a rate which climbs to 40% in nursing homes.

A figure "encouraging but which is progressing too little" according to Olivier Véran.

The stocks of the AstraZeneca product are indeed able to cover this population much more widely.


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The Minister of Health does not mention a potential obligation, even if the hypothesis is not excluded by the executive, but appeals to the sense of duty of health professionals facing "the biggest pandemic of the world. 'contemporary history". 

Protect yourself and those you care for.

My letter to caregivers on vaccination.

- Olivier Véran (@olivierveran) March 5, 2021

"I ask you, for yourself, your entourage, the French. If you are not yet vaccinated, do it quickly. It is for our collective security and the capacity of our health system to hold up, as he has always done so, and I cannot thank you enough for it ", writes Olivier Véran.

Indeed, the Covid has become the first nosocomial disease in the hospital.

Which means that people hospitalized for other pathologies come out with the Covid.

Olivier Véran signs his letter "well fraternally", stressing that he himself is a doctor and has been vaccinated.