China News Agency, Berlin, March 4 (Reporter Peng Dawei) The 71st Berlin International Film Festival announced on the 4th the winners of the short film category and the new generation of children.

Chinese director Zhang Dalei's work "Half of the Afternoon Passed" won the Silver Bear Award of the Short Film Jury.

"Hannah Summer" directed by Shuai Han won the best film in the new generation children's section.

  Affected by the new crown epidemic, this Berlin Film Festival opened online for the first time on March 1, and the shortlisted films will be shown to the jury and international media within 5 days.

On the 5th, this year's film festival will announce the winners of the Golden Bear and Silver Bear in the main competition.

  "Half of the afternoon passed" starring Li Xuejian and others.

The jury of the Berlin Film Festival stated in the award speech that the film "brought a slow and affectionate farewell between grandfather and grandson through a family visit", "Zhang Dalei's rich film language delicately portrays a family portrait, and Beyond the duration of the short film".

  In the video testimonial released after the award, Zhang Dalei said that he would like to thank Li Xuejian, who played the role of grandfather in the film. "He not only presented a particularly wonderful performance, but also made everyone in the team full of strength", "I hope the epidemic will pass quickly , We can meet in Berlin smoothly in June."

  "Hannah Summer" is Han Shuai's feature film debut.

The jury stated in the award speech that the film won the award due to its "strong visual impact and outstanding performance at all levels of film production."

  "All of this is like a dream." Upon receiving the news of the award, Han Shuai said that he was grateful and "feel very lucky" when he was connected to the film festival organizing committee that day.

  The winning films of each unit of this Berlin Film Festival will be re-screened online for global media from March 6th to 7th.

The offline award ceremony and public screenings are expected to be held in June this year.