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The bill on the economic emancipation of women, "which was supposed to see the light of day a year ago (...) has been shelved", deplores this Friday in a press release by the CFTC, three days before March 8, world day of women. womens rights.

The bill was announced in August 2019 by Emmanuel Macron.

Marlène Schiappa, then Secretary of State in charge of Equality between women and men, had specified that it was to be completed in 2020. But it has not yet been presented to Parliament.

Concrete proposals

"The coronavirus crisis has shaken up the political agenda and we can understand it", but the issue of equality between women and men remains an "emergency", writes the CFTC.

And the union to underline the "topicality" of the proposals of the bill, "namely: to facilitate the resumption of activity of women after a period dedicated to motherhood, to upgrade predominantly female jobs, to improve the place of women in future professions such as data, science or engineering, encourage banks to support business creators ”.

The CFTC did not sign a joint statement from the large trade unions on Wednesday detailing the measures they are calling for to fight against gender inequalities.


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