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  [Explanation] A series of short videos of Thai food taken by A Qing (full name Wu Minqing), a Thai who has been in China for more than 20 years, has received nearly 10 million views on an Internet platform in China.

As a new "net celebrity", her fans are about to exceed 100,000.

Recently, the reporter interviewed A Qing about her wonderful life in China.

  [Concurrent] Wu Minqing

  People in Kunming prefer heavy flavors, just because Thai food is hot and sour.

So I think Kunming people are relatively close to Thailand, and he accepts Thai culture very much.

So combined, I think Kunming prefers Thai food.

  [Explanation] In real life, Ah Qing has also created 2 Thai restaurant brands, has its own trading company and e-commerce company, and is the agent of many well-known Thai brands in China.

Over the years, A Qing has witnessed the changes in Kunming.

  [Concurrent] Wu Minqing

  (When I first came to Kunming) there was still red soil on the road, so I felt that the development here was very fast, and there were many tall buildings.

(Purchasing Thai goods) is much more convenient. Previously, it was probably only available in Yunfang Southeast Asia Commercial City (available for purchase). If it comes to Kunming, it is now possible to purchase online.

  [Explanation] In fact, Qing is also one of the merchants who pushed Thai goods into China.

Many Thai food brands she represents have not only successfully entered major shopping malls and supermarkets, but also entered e-commerce channels.

  [Concurrent] Wu Minqing

  I still live in Li Jiaqi (live room), Li Jiaqi sells us for 8 minutes, the warehouse is already empty.

  [Explanation] The online sales performance has amazed Thai suppliers. A Qing, who recognizes the development potential of China's Internet economy, has also started his own "net celebrity" development.

Nowadays, they keep posting 3 videos on the Internet every month to teach everyone how to cook Thai food.

And interspersed with the introduction of Thai culture, attracting many Chinese and Thai fans.

  [Explanation] Not long ago, A Qing also participated in the filming of the "Warm Spring, One River, Smooth River, Xiang, Yunnan," Lanmei Six Nations New Year Cultural Exchange Activities, sending New Year blessings on behalf of Thais in Yunnan.

  [Concurrent] Wu Minqing

  Thailand is a relatively friendly country, and it is friendly to Chinese people regardless of whether it is tourism, including our attitude.

In fact, everyone is watching the online, so I think there is this online to give everyone a warmer.

  [Commentary] In the newly released short video, A Qing started to learn Yunnan dialect with friends, cook rice noodles in small pots, and showed everyone around Kunming old streets and vegetable markets.

Qing said that while letting Chinese people know Thailand better, she also wants Thai people to know China better.

  Reporter Dao Zhinan and Hu Yuanhang from Kunming

Editor in charge: [Chen Haifeng]