Soichi Noguchi, a Japanese astronaut staying at the International Space Station, has started the fourth extravehicular activity in total, which is the largest number among Japanese people.

Soichi Noguchi, a Japanese astronaut, has been staying for a long time at a space station in outer space 400 km above the sky, and has started the extravehicular activity for the fourth time in total, which is the largest number for Japanese people.

A total of two aviators, Mr. Noguchi and an American female aviator, are wearing spacesuits, opening the space station airlock around 9 pm Japan time, and going out into outer space to work. ..

This time, we plan to spend about 6 hours doing three tasks, such as installing a stand for mounting the solar panel and replacing the transmitter / receiver of the video that is installed overboard and is out of order.

Mr. Noguchi has been doing EVA three times in space flight so far, and this is the fourth EVA, which is the largest number for Japanese people.

In addition, Mr. Noguchi is now 55 years old and will be the oldest Japanese person who has been involved in EVA.

Mr. Noguchi will stay at the space station until early May to conduct scientific experiments and return to Earth.