Mail on Sunday is ordered

by the judge to post a statement on the front page in which the British newspaper acknowledges that it has violated Meghan Markle's privacy.

The newspaper must also explain the lawsuit initiated by Markle on the inside pages.

The message must also remain on the

Mail on Sunday

website for a week


Markle had won a lawsuit against the

Mail on Sunday

a week earlier


According to the court, the newspaper violated the privacy of the wife of the British Prince Harry by publishing a letter addressed to her father in 2019.

On Tuesday, the American former actress demanded compensation of 1.5 million pounds (1.7 million euros).

At the end of February, Markle was awarded compensation of £ 450,000 by the judge for the legal costs she had incurred.

In February, the judge ruled that Markle had "a reasonable expectation that the contents of the letter would remain private."

Articles in

The Mail

(both online and in the paper version) prevented this from happening. "

Meghan Markle has had a troubled relationship with her father Thomas Markle for years.

The relationship would have deteriorated partly at the hands of her half-sister.

In January he announced that he was working on a documentary about her life.

In December, Meghan Markle reached a settlement with a photo agency that photographed her unsolicited earlier this year on Vancouver Island, Canada.

In October, she and Prince Harry reached a settlement with a photo agency that had taken photos of their son with a drone without permission.