Guy Pearce believes that as an actor you should be allowed to play any character, regardless of that character's origin.

"There are many discussions about this at the moment", the 53-year-old Australian actor, who

plays the Dutch master forger Han van Meegeren


The Last Vermeer

, tells

"I've been an actor for 45 years and I will never believe that my personality, my experiences and my past should have anything to do with the characters I get to play. I know not everyone agrees."

Of course it can still happen that you as an actor do not succeed in portraying a character properly, says Pearce.

"That can happen if, for example, you mimic an accent or if people don't find you credible. But that's why you fail. Questions about who I am are totally irrelevant to casting for roles, I think."

The Last Vermeer

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