[Explanation] On March 4th, Dai Yaoting, former associate professor of the Faculty of Law of the University of Hong Kong, Huang Zhifeng, former secretary-general of the Hong Kong Independence organization "Hong Kong All Will", and former member of the Legislative Council of the Special Administrative Region Au Nuoxuan, were involved in the crime of "conspiring to subvert state power ", in violation of the Hong Kong National Security Law and the Criminal Offences Ordinance, and appeared in West Kowloon Magistracy on March 1.

Due to the large number of defendants, the hearing lasted 4 days and ended on the evening of March 4.

The magistrate adjourned the case until the afternoon of May 31, and the defendants must be remanded in custody for the time being.

  The 47 defendants include: Dai Yaoting, Ou Nuoxuan, Zhao Jiaxian, Zhong Jinlin, Wu Zhengheng, Yuan Jiawei, Liang Huangwei, etc.

They are accused of conspiring together and conspiring with others in Hong Kong from July 1, 2020 to January 7, 2021, with the aim of subverting state power, and organized, planned, implemented, or participated in the implementation to threaten the use Use force or other illegal means to seriously interfere with, obstruct, or disrupt the performance of functions of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region's organs of power in accordance with the law.

  On the evening of March 4, after hearing all the submissions, the magistrate ruled that the 15 defendants' applications for bail were approved. The Hong Kong Department of Justice immediately appealed the ruling and all defendants must continue to be remanded.

  The prosecution stated that due to the need for further investigations, including verifying the information of more than 400 digital devices, investigating funds flow and forensic analysis, etc., the application was adjourned to the re-trial on May 31, which was approved by the magistrate.

  In addition, because Dai Yaoting’s bail in the 2014 illegal occupation case was just revoked by the Court of Appeal earlier that day, he himself has revoked the bail application in this case.

  Reporter Fan Siyi and Liang Yuan from Hong Kong

Editor in charge: [Chen Haifeng]