[Explanation] Gudun Village in Gangcheng District, Jinan City, Shandong Province, is a small mountain village located in the mountains. In this closed mountain village, a 15-year-old boy named Qi Xiangshuo taught himself to process lathes and lay lines. The old engines, circuit boards and other waste products of the company have produced "high-tech" works such as four-wheeled "mountain motorcycles", electric bicycles, "oil-immersed amplifiers and audio", mobile phone Bluetooth control switchboards.

  [Explanation] On March 4th, the reporter saw at Qi Xiangshuo’s home that he was taking out a card with his name, walking into his "studio", and inserting the card into the power slot on the wall switchboard Inside, with a sound of "ding dong", the lights in the working room turned on and the power was turned on.

Afterwards, Qi Xiangshuo sat at the table and began to repair the worn-out circuit boards that had just been collected.

He told reporters that he has been trying to invent and create for 10 years.

  [Concurrent] Qi Xiangshuo, a villager of Gudun Village, Gangcheng District, Jinan City

  My grandfather used to be a dry sand boat. There were many machines on the sand pumping boat. When it broke down, he took me on the boat. I watched it by the side. He repaired it there. Finally, he was very interested in this.

He started to dismantle things at the age of four and made some small toys by himself at the age of six.

  [Explanation] A four-wheeled motorcycle in front of Qi Xiangshuo's house has become the focus of attention of the villagers for days.

This motorcycle is called a "four-wheel mountain motorcycle" and it was converted by him in October 2020 over a period of 15 days.

Fire extinguishers were converted into gasoline tanks, office seats were converted into motorcycle seats... This "mountain motorcycle" uses waste materials and is equipped with handlebars, brakes and steering systems.

Qi Xiangshuo said that the car was made after repeated tests and is suitable for mountain villages with high slopes and bumpy roads.

  [Concurrent] Qi Xiangshuo, a villager of Gudun Village, Gangcheng District, Jinan City

  The wheel below is a more distinctive place. The wheel is not installed randomly, but has been thought about, because if the two wheels are directly connected, there is no difference in speed.

If you walk slowly, you won’t be able to turn when you turn, and if you go fast, you will turn around once you turn.

Putting a wheel in the middle is equivalent to imitating the rear axle of a car.

  [Explanation] The reason why Qi Xiangshuo can invent and create pieces of "high-tech" works is inseparable from the support of his grandfather Wu Zengxi.

Wu Zengxi was an electrician, and whenever Qi Xiangshuo made an invention, he would always do what he could.

Talking about the hobbies of his grandson, Wu Zengxi said that it is the nature of boys to dismantle things, and it is the most direct and powerful way to learn knowledge.

Although Qi Xiangshuo has learned about lathe processing, circuit principles, and wiring technology through professional books, Wu Zengxi is still worried about the safety of his children, especially about Qi Xiangshuo's recent plans to make helicopters.

  [Concurrent] Wu Zengxi, a villager of Gudun Village, Gangcheng District, Jinan City

  I'm still a little worried, he doesn't want to buy all the parts, he wants to make it himself.

I said he didn’t listen, he had to build it. If he really wants to build it, I’ll call the person who built the airplane to give guidance and talk to him. We will never do it.

  [Explanation] Qi Xiangshuo chose to make a helicopter because he had a "flying dream" since he was a child.

Although in the eyes of his family, there are many safety issues in the manufacture of aircraft, but Qi Xiangshuo knows in his heart that this is a long-term process and requires professional guidance to complete the manufacturing.

Qi Xiangshuo said that he will definitely overcome many difficulties, and after building his beloved plane, he hopes to fly over Aishan behind the village and fly to a wider world.

  Yang Fei reports from Jinan

Editor in charge: [Li Ji]