Director Hong Sang-soo's new film'Introduction' won the Silver Bear Award for Screenplay at the 71st Berlin International Film Festival.

The Berlin International Film Festival announced the results of the awards online at 8 pm (KST) on the 5th.

'Introduction', which was popular immediately after the movie was released, received a screenplay award and was recognized for its operability.

'Introduction' is a film about a young man Youngho's journey to visit his father, lover, and mother in three paragraphs.

Shin Seok-ho, Park Miso, and Kim Min-hee appeared.

After the first screening online on the 1st, favorable reviews from foreign media poured in, revealing the prospects for the award.

The American Variety evaluated it as "a film that reveals the interaction of the relationship, which is a specialty of director Hong Sang-soo," and "a film that makes you feel as if you are soaking in the sea for a while after a lunch soaked in soju."

"Director Hong Sang-soo is a filmmaker who has long been specially popular at the Berlin Film Festival, and his new film this year is a very appealing black and white drama despite a very short running time. At first, this film may feel like an appetizer, but the whole thing is. "It makes you feel like you have eaten a dish that surpasses the dish."

'Introduction' is the 25th feature film directed by Hong Sang-soo and the 8th film in collaboration with Hong Sang-soo and Kim Min-hee. Minhee Kim played a supporting role, not a lead role in this work, and contributed to the completeness of the film by playing an active role as a production team leader.

Director Hong Sang-soo and Kim Min-hee are the beloved directors and actors of the Berlin International Film Festival. Kim Min-hee received the Silver Bear Award for Best Actress for'Alone on the Beach at Night' (2017), and Director Hong Sang-soo received the Silver Bear Award for Director of'The Runaway Woman' (2020).

In particular, Hong Sang-soo confirmed Berlin's favor by receiving the Best Screenplay Award one year after receiving the Best Director Award.

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kim Ji-hye)