[Explanation] Recently, the official website of the Ministry of Science and Technology released the "Science and Technology Innovation Action Plan for the Pilot Demonstration Zone of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics", clarifying that by 2035, Shenzhen will become a capital of innovation, entrepreneurship and creativity with global influence.

In an interview with reporters, Liu Ruopeng, representative of the National People’s Congress and dean of Shenzhen Guangqi Institute of Advanced Science and Technology, said that Shenzhen should take the initiative to establish a consortium of national key laboratories, and should also summarize and promote the innovative model of the "Bell Laboratories" group to the country. Challenge the frontier topics of world science and technology.

  [Concurrent] Liu Ruopeng, representative of the National People's Congress and Dean of Shenzhen Guangqi Institute of Advanced Science and Technology

  This year’s main recommendations are aimed at the development and construction of the reform and innovation of the State Key Laboratory of Shenzhen Pilot Demonstration Zone.

I did a very detailed survey. The State Key Laboratory in Shenzhen is a bit different from other places. It has a relatively small number but has its own characteristics and characteristics. It is based on the best companies in the industry. New research and development institutions and state key laboratories established.

  [Explanation] According to reports, Bell Laboratories, backed by the American company AT&T, is doing research on major basic sciences. Since its establishment, it has obtained more than 30,000 patents and more than 50 major scientific research results.

It is precisely because Bell Laboratories has produced many outstanding achievements in scientific research, people regard it as one of the most authoritative research institutions in the world.

  [Explanation] Liu Ruopeng believes that from the perspective of operating mode, Shenzhen’s five state key laboratories, Huawei, ZTE, Guangqi, BGI, and China General Nuclear Power, are all relying on their respective industries to carry out basic scientific research on core technologies in major key areas. These studies will affect the future development trend of related industries.

Their operating model is very similar to that of Bell Labs in the United States, so this operating mechanism should be worth promoting.

  [Concurrent] Liu Ruopeng, representative of the National People's Congress and Dean of Shenzhen Guangqi Institute of Advanced Science and Technology

  These state key laboratories are all aiming to conduct research in the field of information, in the evolution and origin of species, including the field of next-generation nuclear energy safety technology, this major world-class scientific and technological development issue, so these key laboratories Is really upright.

Although there are clear industrial enterprises to support the entities, the scientific research fields and major scientific installations and facilities built by these state key laboratories are aimed at the lowest and most important scientific theoretical breakthroughs and technological research breakthroughs.

  In the new era, in the historical process of building the Shenzhen Pilot Demonstration Zone, let them play a greater role, support them, and constantly explore and challenge world-class scientific problems in the frontier fields of science.

  [Explanation] With the changes in the international situation, the introduction of talents has encountered constraints in recent years, and companies need to cultivate endogenous talents.

Liu Ruopeng suggested increasing the cultivation of doctoral talents in emerging fields.

  [Concurrent] Liu Ruopeng, representative of the National People's Congress and Dean of Shenzhen Guangqi Institute of Advanced Science and Technology

  It is in these emerging fields that these innovative scientific research institutions and innovative professional institutions, including this new type of state key laboratory or corporate state key laboratory, are included in the system of doctoral personnel training in emerging scientific fields.

They also use their best scientific research strength and experimental facilities to cultivate the best doctoral and master-level talents for our country.

  (Reporting by reporter Zheng Xiaohong, Tang Guijiang, and He Junjie in Shenzhen)

Editor in charge: [Li Ji]